Knowledgeable, witty, or intelligent. Not a popular thing to be in America these days.
by Anonymous June 10, 2003
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Joseph is smart because he can learn math and chess faster than the average person
by Jeff besoz April 5, 2020
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1) to be/act intelligent
2) to be learned, but not able to integrate that knowledge into everyday use (intelligent), often used as a concatenation: book-smart, street-smart, brick-smart
3) to dress in a coordinated or fashionable manner, See: look sharp
4) (intrans. verb) to hurt or cause pain
1) That japanese kid is smart. He got his PHD before he was 20.
2) Jennifer is finally loosening up. Back in high school she was just too book-smart and had no clue about what was going on.
3) Hey Swaggart, thats a smart looking suit you've got on.
4) Ouch, a paper cut... that smarts!
by pythonspam November 7, 2003
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something 4/3 people on this site think they are (and yes i meant to have an improper fraction)
i am so smart, i kno my abc's A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I , J, K....R, Y, Z!!!!!!!!! hooray!
by chels March 21, 2004
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Someone who doesn't support Bush.
She didn't vote for Bush, therefore she is smart.
by WAGMIRE October 14, 2005
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code for a girl with a large set of "brains"
<guy1>wow that girl is really smart.
<guy2>yea she has a nice set of "goals" infront of her.
<guy1>i always like a girl with intelligence.
<guy3>do you think she was tutored?
by Grill March 14, 2005
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