a self-centered person; one who does not give a shit about anyone but themself

Made popular by the one and only Dane Cook.
"Why won't you give some money to those starving kids in Africa? You're such a goddamn think-for-yourselfer!
by iheartmcdreamy21 December 11, 2006
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An exhortation that, taken at face value, is actually good advice, except that when people tell you to do it, they don't ACTUALLY mean "Think for yourself", they mean "Reject mainstream news sources, and trust fringe, loony ones". On the rare occasion that they don't mean this, they still mean "Think for yourself, and agree with me!" At no time, when anybody ever tells you to think for yourself, does the thought ever cross their mind that you could possibly think for yourself, and reach a different conclusion from the one that they reached, or one that is even opposite to the one that they reached.
"Vaccines are poison, and chemtrails are causing birth defects! Think for yourself, watch this poorly-researched YouTube video, and you will agree with me!"
by q359 July 25, 2023
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