A girl that seems shy when you first meet her, but then turns into a crazy, funny, AMAZING girl when you get to know her. She loves deeply, and trusts too much. She's ignorant, but always catches her faults. She's smart and beautiful. Amazingly beautiful. She's unique. One of a kind. She's just Destiny.
I saw Destiny today, I think it was love at first sight!
by pulchritudinous April 16, 2015
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The girl who will steal your heart even when you're not wanting to give it away. She'll make you smile all the time and always be there for you when you need her, even after you've been a total ass. The girl who has a boyfriend who's writing this for her to see one day randomly.
Wow, that girl is gorgeous. I bet her name is Destiny.
by s.a.m.man June 9, 2018
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Destiny is a crazy, loud, funny girl. Shes also beautiful inside and out. She hides her pain most of the time and smiles so other around her are happy. She is most known for her beautiful smile and bubbly personality. She can get annoying but is loved by lots. She is overall perfect in her own unique way.
" Who is that !?"

" Oh thats DESTINY "
by Anonymous749279378002 November 26, 2013
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A person who you can talk to for years and never get bored of. The most beautiful girl ever, who can put up with your crap even if she doesn't deserve it. A girl who you will love from day one, and never ever stop because there is no way you can picture life without her. She makes you so happy you can't even begin to explain. Someone who makes you wait a full day to get a tbh, but it's probably the best and most sweetest thing you can see. She is the kind of girl who loves unconditionally and has been put through way to much heart break. Destiny is not a girl you should toy with. Because she honestly shouldn't be put through it, she is too nice for you to be a dick to her. All in all though she is who you love most of all, and even though you cant tell her that enough, or think she understands, she really does. Destiny is the best girl that you will ever meet and if you are lucky enough to date her, you know she isn't just your 'girlfriend' she is your bestfriend and you would do anything to make her laugh.
"Have you met destiny"

"You should she is an amazing girl with a wonderful personality"
by I'mTpErFeCt June 7, 2018
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A girl who has a fat ass and is a freak in the sheets. Don’t let that pretty face fool you, she’s good at getting what she wants. She has a way of convincing others without them knowing they are being sold. She craves love and attention, and the need to argue just to keep things interesting. She’s an animal lover, daytime napper, and loves sports.
Watch out for destiny, she will probably steal your clothing. She has a deep connection with her family that she doesn’t talk about. She has a hard time letting certain people into her life because she feels as if they can’t relate.
Destiny has only a couple real friends because she knows her worth.
(I love you DRM) ❤️
Holy fuck is that destiny?

Try not to fall in love with a girl named destiny..
by Countryboy7284 March 9, 2019
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She's very dope and very talented, loyal, strong, beautiful, respectful and hood. She will be there for you even when you are not quite there for her. She's a very rare female to find she goes through a whole lot, but still stands strong. Loves music and money and hates drama, but is also with it. She can as well support you and help you build. destiny is a ride or die chick. She is very territorial. You better wife, her when you see her, she's nothing to play with and miss! she is all you need in life. she's the bomb.com
Destiny is everything a man will want and a female will want to be
by kehlani swing January 6, 2021
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A destiny is the best thing that'll ever come into your life. A Destiny is described as beautiful, couragous, brave, nice, sweet, loving, caring, and funny. Never judgemental. They hide emotions with sarcasim. They often tend to have a hard life so when you meet one, treat them like a princess... They love it. Another one of the traits that a Destiny will have is that they will have the most biggest brown eyes you will ever witness in your life. They tend to have a very sweet voice too. Don't judge one by the looks. Great style most will have, but they do not act like they are better than everyone else. Matter of fact, they give everyone the benifit of the doubt. If you ever get close to a Destiny, make the relationship between you two mysterious. They'll say they hate it, but deep down they absolutely love it. If you ever meet one keep one. It'll be worthe it by a long shot...
by LetsPlayTag&VideoGames March 10, 2014
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