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A mental sport wherein players struggle to weave chains of consequences. Females that play are tenfold sexier than their male counterparts.
Samantha plays chess? Oh God, I feel a rook coming on.
by Roman Gurovich January 30, 2005
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A game where if you lose you think the person who beat you must be an extremely intelligent person. And if you win you think you're the best player ever.
I just won at chess; I could probably beat Bobby Fischer now.
by runandwin January 01, 2005
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A game where the objective is to violently throw your pieces to the floor upon losing.
Chess is being ruined by computer play.
by rocketman77049 December 06, 2009
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an extremely challenging, complex game that heightens your skills to think ahead. there are more rules than can be put into a book and it's usually played by intellectuals, though not all of them can be considered "geeks", some are hot.
Chess is commonly misconcieved to be boring or stupid.

Todd: "Jen plays chess?"
Sam: "Yeah"
Todd: "But she's not a nerd!"
by melthana April 17, 2010
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Probably the most unwinnable game since the computerwas able to play with you. Basically, if you win, you feel like a celebrity, and if you lose, well, you die a little inside.
Dude that just won chess: "YES. I FEEL LIKE A GOD!"
Dude that just loss chess: "......I'm gonna go kill myself."
by crotchetyteenager November 25, 2010
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Chess is a game for 2 players, each of whom moves 16 pieces according to fixed rules across a checkerboard and tries to checkmate the opponent's king. It is the king of all games. It dates back well over 1000 years and is descended from the ancient Aryan game chaturanga (which is also the ancestor to shogi). It requires concentration, patience, and strategy.

For many centuries, there was no formal world chess championship, but there were nonetheless a select few who achieved fame for their ideas and successes over the chess board, and sometimes even for their writings.

The World Chess Championship was officially created in 1886 when Wilhelm Steinitz defeated Johannes Zukertort in a historic match and became the first champion, holding the title until 1894 when he lost to Emanuel Lasker.

With the exception of Bobby Fischer (1972-1975), the Soviet Union dominated chess during the Cold War. The current champion since 2007 is Viswanathan Anand of India.
Chess is everything: art, science and sport.
by Layko January 19, 2011
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a seemingly simple game to a novice but extremely difficult to master, sometimes impossible. you must have great intuition to master chess. it also has humdreds if not thousands of opening and finishing combnations and middle game tactics. there are also special moves such as castling and en-passent.
it is a common misconception in chess( they made me write chess :@)that when you win you say checkmate, it is actually customary to say "mate".
by satan, hitler aka g.w.bush October 04, 2005
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