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Joseph, also known as Joey, Jeush, Joe and Xtiano, is a caring, passionate and intelligent man. As an entity of many talents, Joseph is a gifted guitarist, skillful DJ, and witty comedian. He is loved by his friends, family, pets, and colleagues but mostly by his meme lord fan girl. Joseph is the perfect man to fall in love with at first laugh. His charming personality, handsome looks, and brain drives people into a deep day dream state that transcends dimensions. Joseph embodies the perfection of Jesus Chroiist, in fact, he could be the second coming of Chroiist on earth. He performs miracles at work daily, and has Saint-levels of generosity and compassion. Wherever Joseph goes, people immediately melt with just one look of his God-like presence.

Despite making people smile from ear to ear while giving them butterflies, Joseph can also be annoying with his unfiltered remarks. However, he doesn't have a mean bone in his body and doesn't mean to hurt anyone intentionally. Joseph has the cutest laugh, kindest deep brown eyes, sexy salt and pepper hair, flawless olive skin, and silly boyish smile. His true beauty lies within his attitude, personality, talents and in the way he carries himself. In other words, Joseph is a wonderful person that will make your heart beat out of your chest for all the right reasons!
Gloria: Jesus Chroiist! You're smart, accomplished and almost as gorgeous as Billie Joe Armstrong, you must be a Joseph!
Joseph: Yes! My name is Joseph.
Gloria: I'll call you Joey if that's ok?
Joseph: Call me forever yours.
Gloria: uwu xโ€ฟx
by Gloria_Gatinha June 08, 2019
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I passed my test! Thanks to the Clock Method
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Joseph is a guy who never gives up, he is passionate about something and when he makes promise to someone he will do it no matter what it is even if the odds are against him, he will fight till the end until he stops breathing
Wow Joseph never quits he is really a fighter
by @Pple213 March 17, 2017
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The most amazing man to exist.

He's a total nerd, but he knows how to treat people he cares about.

Faithful, kind, caring, sweet and hilarious.

Joseph is the best friend anyone could ever have. He's always looking out for everyone else.

He can beat any dungeon on any video game, read any comic and tell you who would win a versus, can get into very long discussions on LOTR, anime & manga and even the Bible. Has a very unique sense of humor.

Joseph is definitely a guy you want to get to know, whether you be a guy or a lady.

But ladies, you can give up if he is taken. He is extremely faithful to the girl he loves, and usually doesn't indulge in relationships that don't have potential.
"I totally wish Joseph would give me a chance."
"I know, he's so good to his girlfriend... but, you always want what you can't have..."
by Anonymous lover of Joseph January 10, 2012
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a caring, gorgeous, funny boy that is always there for his girlfriend, friends and family whenever he's needed.
also known as jolo, he doesn't really realise how truly amazing he is, he'll most of the time talk a load of stupid, but you've got to love him for it.
he is incredibly good looking, lovable, wonderful and intellectual. he has amazing eyes, a cheeky smile, and adorable rosy cheeks.
he will make you feel like the luckiest, happiest person alive, and little girls that fall in love with him will never let him go.
he gives the best hugs and kisses and rasberries on record and he often wears cool boxers, smells amazing, is very tall, is a great tennis and football player, and is smokin' hot.
he will always manage to make his girlfriend smile and feel special and loved up, and any girl lucky enough to have him is very lucky indeed.
'he's so adorable, that must be joseph'.
by babarinodee September 11, 2011
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The fantastically hot guy in your class the makes you melt with just one look. Of course he does that sexy scowling thing with his eyes. He's got gorgeous brown hair and eyes and whenever he talks to you you get the butterflies inside. He's smart, sweet and extremely flirty. If you meet a Joseph it would be incredibly idiotic to let him go.
"Damn is that Joseph??"
"Yeah he's looking fine as always;)"
by the knower of Josephs May 11, 2012
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