A vague way of saying your sick. Most common when you have a cold.
Me: I don't feel good :(

Best friend: Don't worry, I got you. I'm on my way with soup, gatorade, and season one of House.

Me: I love you bro :")
by BunnyBoneCrusher January 2, 2014
Spoiler Alert:
At the end of the Avenger's: Infinity War movie, Thanos disintegrates half of the population in the universe, including Spider-Man, who says "I don't feel so good" before disintegrating.
Person 1: I don't feel so good
*Person 1 has disintegrated*
by JSSmith the GOAT May 5, 2018
A sentence said by Peter Parker (Spider-man) before turning to dust and dying. If saying this in front of a marvel stan or tom holland stan, it could cost a punch, slap etc.
'Mister Stark, I don't feel so good.'
'You're alright'
by _lestranger October 10, 2018
The words in which Peter Parker (Spider-Man), said before he turned into ash in the movie "Avengers, Infinity War." These simple 5 words are now many marvel fans trigger words. If you have a friend who likes Marvel, do not... I repeat DO NOT, say "I don't feel so good." Replace it with "I don't feel that well," or "I'm not feeling very good."
by BaconBytesYT April 15, 2019