A fact that was assumed to have been known by all audiences. It is blatantly obvious, and logical.
John: did you put the leash on the dog before you walked it, son?
Son: No, was I supposed to?
John: I thought that that was a given...
Son: oh
by Crazy Joe Bro July 10, 2020
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an amazing lgbtq+ anime about a band of gay men.
p1: have u watched given?
p2: yes it was so good!!!
by izYbongi October 21, 2020
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1) (Expression) (Informal): A bursting feeling of extreme joy or exultation beyond any other conceivable form of expression. Usually voiced in a high pitched, uniquely individual sound, sometimes not even similar to the original word - it really depends on how excited the individual is.

2) (Noun) (Informal): To describe one's elation about a particular thing or situation. Pronounced in the same way as above.

Origin: First derived from High-School geometry assignments where angles of a shape needed to be solved. The angles that were already solved for you were labeled as "Given".
- Giiiiveens!, Giv!, Givens!,

- Dude, I broke into a yacht last night by the harbour and stole all of their expensive booze.

Are you serious? Thats a givens!
by Dr. Rand Mcnally September 29, 2010
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A beautiful girl, she is an open minded person who is very smart and creative, she has lots of confidence and gives lots of kind compliments, she loves to draw, she is the best animater I know.
I wish Given was my art teacher!
by An_Avocado_Thanks June 29, 2019
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Given is the most popular in his school. His fun and always loves to have fun. He is very talented and makes everyone happy. Has the best insta in the whole school
"Given is soooooooo coool"
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A word used in the teenage "The Clique" series. Used in a sentence to give an assurance to someone.
Massie: "Alicia, can you help me get a date with Derrington?"

Alicia: "Given."
by Moromo August 21, 2006
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Popular Shounen Ai TV Anime and Manga about music.
Can also refer to the band name in said anime/manga
Person A: Do you watch Given?
Person B: No, I'm only reading the Manga
by ArcaneShiro September 22, 2019
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