a mixture of coffee, vomit, and snot. It exits your throat and nostrils at insanely high speeds. Once you start, you will continue to comit until your stomach is empty.
So, this one time, woody, matt, and i were triple teaming this chick, then we went to waffle house, drank around 18 cups of coffee each, and proceeded to comit for the next 3 hours.
by comptonassbrock January 15, 2005
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Comitting is when you have a coughing fit so violent you involuntarily vomit.
Dude, I was driving to work and I comitted in my lap.
by TheBeagleRoger November 3, 2013
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a relationship were all you are conserned about is each other.
when your girl friend flurts with another guy when your not around.
by Jarrod Purvis May 10, 2005
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