You don't know what she knows. You don't know who she is. She just knows.

Can be used as a positive adjective in almost any occasions.
by notwilson May 22, 2014
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a phrase people use when they’re insinuating a girl might be gay or bisexual due to a trait that is typically perceived as being gay. mostly a joke but also can be used seriously
Sarah: I heard Jen cut her own bangs and then dyed her hair purple on Saturday...
Lily: Is she... you know...
(they look 😳 at each other. end of scene.)
by squid18 January 11, 2020
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Referring to a female, or occasionally male, who knows where to go for the best deal, opportunity, lifestyle, and does so.
"I kicked her out and she went crawling back to you - she knows where her shit gets buttered!"
by Slic Ric September 10, 2013
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A reference to "Murders" by "ミラクルミュージカル"
"She knows you heard her, staging, music, murder"

by Pansyzz June 23, 2023
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Southern Ontario rural-ism, meaning, she is dumber than a dog... The longer version of the phrase, which is seldom spoken, is "She don't know sick'em from fetch!"
Did you hear your Aunt Sue, arguing around the table with everyone?! There is something WRONG with that woman! She don't know sick'em!
by Pablo Vertais August 25, 2017
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She might be wondering what you ‘D’ size is and wants to find out, but is too shy to asks.
Her-“Hey Cameron, how tall are you?”

Him-“Oh Im 5’9”
Him in mind-(Why does she want to know my height?)
by Rose_12 October 5, 2021
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