When something is so great, beautiful, or awesome that it is everything to you. Often used as a hyperbole to express how much you like something.
Have you tried McDonald’s frappes? They’re everything.

Girl! Your hair is everything. It’s so soft and shiny, you should be a hair model.
by piperdown August 26, 2018
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My love, she is everything to me, even when I shy away. She is perfect in every aspect, to such a point that I doubt my worth next to her. She cheers me up when I'm sad and I need it, to which I'm more then glad to return in anyway possible. The level of pleasure is unstatable when I'm with her or know she's well and happy, sadness plagues me when she's in pain. Her mind shapes my world, as she is everything to me, and I'm perfectly fine with that.
by BatCop February 28, 2017
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Used to describe your appearance or the appearance of someone else in a positive way. This slang usage originated in the NY area.
Yo, she hit the gym in spandex shorts and her body is looking like EVERYTHING!
by BlackBauer November 28, 2010
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All things within the universe. Comprises of matter and energy (forces resultant of the interaction of matter).

Can be described at a single point with the term, something

Everything can only exist if there is nothing, which in turn can only exist if there is something, because nothing is the absence of something
Theist: god created everything in the observable Universe from nothing because he is almighty

Atheist: There was no creation because nothing cannot exist if there wasn't something to be absent of, therefore there was no creation, time and existence are infinite, and the notion of god is irrelevant let alone substantial

Theist: *Head explodes*

Some Guy: Dude, you just disproved the existence of god with a dictionary

Atheist: Pwnd
by EnlightenedAtheist April 25, 2009
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