A group of well meaning but sometimes arrogant Christians who believe that everyone but them is wrong. Trashed the Catholic Church's teachings, in the process insulting the Virgin Mother of God, denying the complexity of the Body Of Christ, that faith devoid of works is a dead thing, and that all Catholics are going to hell. Are usually from upper-middle class backgrounds and love everyone...as long as they walk, talk, sound, dress and act just like them. DO NOT represent Christianity as a whole, and are at times an embarassment to believers. Use creepy and sometimes criminal people to spread their message: Benny Hinn, John T Chick etc. 98% are good, decent loving people. All Protestants WILL go to Heaven as they accept The Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior, but need to stop trashing 2000 years of Catholic teaching because they prefer Hillsong music to Gregorian. SOMETIMES delare all Catholics to be pedophiles, theives and heretics. This is a small number however. Deny that saints can hear prayer (despite it being a Biblical fact), a mistake coming from their over simplification of Christ's body. Mock other's practices and are quick to point out mistakes made by the Catholic church without stopping to think of their own. Are loved by God. Despised by many. Loved by Catholics who simply wish to live in faith peacefully. Can be spotted by incredibly dorky dress sense and listen to Hillsong music.
John- "Hello. I'm a Catholic. I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, God made flesh who died on Calvaries Cross, thus justifying me by His Most Holy Blood and making me righteous in the sight of God the Father by faith. He paid the full price of my sins on Calvaries Cross, and by His Most Holy Ressurection restored me to life eternal. I believe in the Holy Spirit, the communion of saints, the ressurection of the dead and life eternal. I've been transfered from the kingdom of darkness to the Kingdom of Light. I also ask that the Blessed Virgin Mary, ever connected to Jesus as part of His Body, a sacred, mystical connection between the two of them, pray to Jesus for me, that my prayers shall be heard..."

Jackie the Protestant- "Mary? Oh no! You need to know the truth!"

by PepsiCola September 11, 2006
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A religon. Everyone has their own beleifs so to all the people who put bad and mean definitions for protestants they need to shut-up. Protestant follow practically the same rules as catholics.
I am a Protestant. I believe that Jesus is our savour and the son of God and that God is real.
by Vaniece June 30, 2006
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Any christian religion that is not Catholic. They decided to create their own religion whenever they disagree instead of fixing the problem. They often put their country before God. They will be the downfall to the U.S. Despite popular belief of protestants staying with abstinence, they are more likely to loose their virginity before marriage. Often republican, even though republican beliefs are often against the 10 commandments. While democrats want to help people, protestants are more concerned with helping themselves, and can be more selective than other religions. They are often known for hating Catholics, gays, Jews, Hispanics, and other races than their own.
Sister Catherine was asking all the Catholic school children in fourth grade what they want to be when they grow up.

Little Sheila said, "When I grow up, I want to be a prostitute!"

Sister Catherine's eyes grow wide and she barked, "What did you say?!"

"A prostitute!" Sheila exclaimed.

Sister Catherine breathed a sigh of relief and said "Whew! Thank God! I thought you said 'A Protestant'!"
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1. (Definition) A Protestant is a person -- specifically, a Christian who is NOT a Catholic.

2. (Historical Origins) First seen in the 15th Century when the German princes use Martin Luther's 95 Theses as an excuse to break Rome's rule over them by forming their own churches unaffiliated with Catholicism. Another important schism from the Catholic Church occured when Henry VIII created the Anglican Church because the pope would not allow him to divorce his wife.

3. (Word origin) The word originates from "protest" -- Protestants protested against various teachings of the Catholic Church.

All other definitions of Protestants and Protestantism, while possibly superficially correct, mostly refer to specific sects of Protestantism such as Baptists, Episcopalians and Lutherans.
Monty was Catholic until last year, when he left the church. However, he claims to have remained a Christian. Therefore, he is a Protestant.
by Byro February 15, 2007
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n. a person who protests any injustice, usually with a high degree of enthusiasm or zealotry. Originally applied only to people protesting the constraints of the Roman Catholic Church it is now, in a kind of protest, applicable to other causes. The word "protestation" has , of course, never been constrained.
Look at all those protestants occupying Wall Street! Where are the authorities?

I think their lack of intervention means they're protestants too.
by gnostic1 October 29, 2011
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Those Christians who broke away from the corrupt Catholic Church of the 16th century so that they could form their own judgmental, jingoistic, and batshit crazy sect of Christianty.
Protestant is the P in WASP.
by Johnny Pseudonym June 10, 2005
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a devil worshiping religon set up by henry the eight so he could ride other women usually practised by ugly smelly fucked up people
why is e.t a protestant? because he looks like one
by william moore March 14, 2007
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