A self-proclaimed holy text consisting of 66 books which create an Old Testament and New Testament. There are many varying interpretations of the bible which has led to many wars in the name of the bible's proposed author Jehovah which still consists to this day (see George Bush). According to the text, if you don't accept Jesus Christ into your life, you will burn forever in hell.
A fundamentalist Christian is a person who reads and believes every word of the Holy Bible.
by Goddunit October 19, 2008
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The sacred writings of the Christian religions; "he went to carry the Word to the heathen". God's book.
Andy: Dude I'm so depressed. I've lost everything I ever loved
Friend: You didn't loose God or the book he wrote. The Holy Bible
Andy: ya man. its true
by Asweetin' November 16, 2008
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Joe: dude lets watch the holy bible
by APY3R January 10, 2022
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awesomely amazing album by the manic street preachers released in 1994, in which every track is a gem.
"Dude, the Holy Bible is awesome"

"I agree. It rox shiz"
by im a loser August 27, 2008
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something you might need after looking at porn
Person1: I just looked at unholyness, and I need the holy bible.
Person2: Hol up.
by table fan February 20, 2021
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