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An Episcopalian is someone who is a member of a church in the Anglican Communion or in Anglican Tradition. In the biggest case, this is the Episcopal Church (a.k.a the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America). Episcopalians are diverse in beliefs but overall are considered "High Church" Protestants. High Church because they have many Pre-Reformation practices and rituals like Roman Catholics, Orthadox, and some Lutherans and also maintain Apostolic Succession and Protestant because they are Anti-Papal and have many principles in the Book of Common Prayer (their Prayer Book) inspired by Calvinists and Lutherans.

They generally have Open Communion which allows anyone to take part in their Eucharist. They allow priests/ministers/bishops to marry, be gay, and be a women.

In 1979, Episcopalians adopted a new revision of the Book of Common Prayer to replace the 1928 version. The new book toned it down on personal sin and used more modern language. Many Traditional Episcopalians opposed this and made their own churches to continue the old traditions. These churches include:
The Anglican Church in America
The Anglican Province of America
The Anglican Catholic Church
The Traditional Protestant Episcopal Church
The Anglican Church of North America... and they are many others.
He Actually reads the Book of Common Prayer?? He must be an Episcopalian.
by Invader1843 August 11, 2011
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members of the Episcopal Church. basically, the religion of rich people. episcopalians are always rich. seriously, go to a church parking lot and it'll be all luxury cars. find out what they do for jobs and you'll find they mostly work in business and professional jobs. mostly concentrated in wealthy northeastern suburbs. usually attend prestigious private schools. WASPy and preppy. don't deny it fellow whiskypalians, you know it's true.
I'm Episcopalian. I make $245,663 a year and summer in Newport.
by Episcopalian February 18, 2008
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An individual who eats a meat-free diet, excluding seafood
Me: Hey lets go eat some burgers
Episcopalian: No thanks, the only meat I eat is fish
by fisheater9 October 21, 2019
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