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The effective answer to everything
I was in an argument with this guy how violence gets nothing accomplished and he wouldn't listen so I broke his jaw.
by Some loser August 18, 2005
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Physical harm to another person, as in a fight, causing severe pain or death.
by Saints August 14, 2004
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Physical harm. The most useless notion ever thought up my mankind. Used by stupid, ignorant people as a solution. The government claims video games cause violence in kids, yet they neglect the millions of acts of violence they themselves commit on a yearly basis throughout the world.
Bomb Iraq, oh yeah, that'll make the Middle East LOVE us.
by some guy February 18, 2004
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Violence - The act of desctruction or the thought of a destructive manner running through your brain acted out in a series of spasms or sentence of jibberish

2.Something within view that is extremely pleasing and triggers a chaotic effect in your nervous system sending you into twitches
"i just murcielag, violence"

"i had a violent workout today"
by Ryan Lovell April 01, 2004
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A kickass and highly underrated Thrash Metal band from the Bay Area in the late 80s and early 90s.
"Shit man. You heard Eternal Nightmare by Vio-lence? It's thrashy as fuck!"
by Phobophobia August 09, 2015
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Probably the second best thing in the world; right before porn.
Right after Conan the Barbarian ravished the witch with his very large wang, he threw her into a fire and crashed at her place until morning, thus were made popular the two greatest things ever: violence and porn.
by Lolacronyms September 11, 2007
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