Fuckin bunch of priveleged college students who bitch way too much rather than being thankful that they are priveleged.
I don't want no retarded ass college kids speaking for me.
by Protest the protesters. April 18, 2005
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Member of the religion that broke off from the catholic church many years ago. Basically vandalized the Bible adding and deleting writings as they please. Despise the Catholic Church and it's teachings of saints. Have been known to think they are better than anybody who isn't like them or a member of their church. beleive the catholics are going to hell along with the jews, orthodox, african americans, and homosexuals. They have criticized the Virgin Mary. They try to humiliate the Catholics as much as possible but usually end up getting hated by everyone even more. Beleive saints cannot hear prayer even though the ORIGINAL BIBLE says they can. The Protestants deleted almost anything relating to prayer to saints in the bible. Not all Protestants are bad but many of them have been accused of this stuff.
"My wife is a protestant so she refuses to attend mass with me and refuses to let the kids come with."
by jackv of GE October 15, 2007
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A temporary gathering of people designed to speak out against a cause or political event. Rarely works because the politicians who are being protested against usually send the riot police to "calm down" the protesters.
Nowadays, protests are held for the stupidest of reasons, such as censoring a cartoon that is beng shown on some television show, or preventing a grocery store from being built on an old parking lot, or animal rights.
by AYB July 19, 2003
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Protestant heretic

1. 16th century religious adhereing bitches, also known as heretics, bible thumpers, fundementalists.

2. A split off of Catholicism, which disregards Catholic teaching that was used before the bible was compiled togethar at the Synod of Hippo in 393 AD. The Catholics realize you don't just throw out 200+ years of teaching taught by Christ and the Early Church fathers now that you have a book, so that is why their religion is much more sensible and intelligent.
Protestant Usually associated with the KKK and the Masons, known for hating Jews, Gays, Catholics, Orthodoxes, and anyone else who is not a member of their church.
by Jo Jo November 28, 2004
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An event that takes place when a large group of people are mad because of something.
Sara: Hey Karen, what are you going to protest for?

by furri.boi June 03, 2020
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A group of well meaning but sometimes arrogant Christians who believe that everyone but them is wrong. Trashed the Catholic Church's teachings, in the process insulting the Virgin Mother of God, denying the complexity of the Body Of Christ, that faith devoid of works is a dead thing, and that all Catholics are going to hell. Are usually from upper-middle class backgrounds and love everyone...as long as they walk, talk, sound, dress and act just like them. DO NOT represent Christianity as a whole, and are at times an embarassment to believers. Use creepy and sometimes criminal people to spread their message: Benny Hinn, John T Chick etc. 98% are good, decent loving people. All Protestants WILL go to Heaven as they accept The Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior, but need to stop trashing 2000 years of Catholic teaching because they prefer Hillsong music to Gregorian. SOMETIMES delare all Catholics to be pedophiles, theives and heretics. This is a small number however. Deny that saints can hear prayer (despite it being a Biblical fact), a mistake coming from their over simplification of Christ's body. Mock other's practices and are quick to point out mistakes made by the Catholic church without stopping to think of their own. Are loved by God. Despised by many. Loved by Catholics who simply wish to live in faith peacefully. Can be spotted by incredibly dorky dress sense and listen to Hillsong music.
John- "Hello. I'm a Catholic. I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, God made flesh who died on Calvaries Cross, thus justifying me by His Most Holy Blood and making me righteous in the sight of God the Father by faith. He paid the full price of my sins on Calvaries Cross, and by His Most Holy Ressurection restored me to life eternal. I believe in the Holy Spirit, the communion of saints, the ressurection of the dead and life eternal. I've been transfered from the kingdom of darkness to the Kingdom of Light. I also ask that the Blessed Virgin Mary, ever connected to Jesus as part of His Body, a sacred, mystical connection between the two of them, pray to Jesus for me, that my prayers shall be heard..."

Jackie the Protestant- "Mary? Oh no! You need to know the truth!"

by PepsiCola September 11, 2006
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1. (Definition) A Protestant is a person -- specifically, a Christian who is NOT a Catholic.

2. (Historical Origins) First seen in the 15th Century when the German princes use Martin Luther's 95 Theses as an excuse to break Rome's rule over them by forming their own churches unaffiliated with Catholicism. Another important schism from the Catholic Church occured when Henry VIII created the Anglican Church because the pope would not allow him to divorce his wife.

3. (Word origin) The word originates from "protest" -- Protestants protested against various teachings of the Catholic Church.

All other definitions of Protestants and Protestantism, while possibly superficially correct, mostly refer to specific sects of Protestantism such as Baptists, Episcopalians and Lutherans.
Monty was Catholic until last year, when he left the church. However, he claims to have remained a Christian. Therefore, he is a Protestant.
by Byro February 15, 2007
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