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the BAY AREA's term to drop e. orignally made to prevent black people to look lik AZNs by callin it exo, or some shit.
by ? February 17, 2004
someone circumcised but is not a jew this is an offensive term
by ? April 9, 2005
Yeah dude, she had mad sunburn so I gave her the ole' cheese sandwich.
by ? October 9, 2003
The savoir of mankind (you can never use His name in a sentance).
Bow down to Him (Saagar)
by ? February 10, 2005
(N.) when you have a hot girl in your bed and begin to feel horny.. you then turn away from her and start jacking off..?
FucK! i had to JAvablast night!
by ? September 23, 2003
Also used as another name for drank or syrup(a codine/promithezene mixture in liquid form, originating in H-town). This is because of the thickness of the drank and the thickness of oil, hence they are used in comparison.
1.Say, you got any dat good oil?
by ? October 22, 2003
to remove someone's shoe by force.
in math class, stephanie foinked marlon while he was sleeping. he wandered around barefoot for the rest of the day.
by ? January 11, 2005