Seattle-based goth-rock band The Sins emerged in 2000 as "NightMare Boy and The Seven Sins," a post-punk entity inspired by early Brit-pop bands such as Sisters of Mercy and The Mission, U.K. (as well as American rock legends ranging from Danzig to The Doors). Changing their name to simply "The Sins" in 2001, the band has consistently captivated audiences throught the Northwest with dynamic stage presence, vigorous showmanship, and strikingly powerful songs. With members from various backgrounds and disciplines (including a jazz-influenced live drummer and a classically trained violinist), The Sins boldly paved their own musical path, combining the familiar sounds of the British punk past with their own edgy rock influences and ideas.

The Sins have 2 full-lenth albums released on SINister Records, "The Beginning" (2002) and "The Last One Kills" (2005).
by ultima necat March 16, 2006
The Sins is an amazingly kick ass Palo Alto band whom had formed at 2001. They are some pissed-off kids and their music is a sign of depression and rebelion. Fans find it seriously hard to define the band's genre. Are they punk rock, garage rock, grunge, or goth rock? It's hard to decide but even giving their heros out isn't even a huge help. Joy Division, The Cure, Nirvana, and the Dead Kennedys are one of their idols they look up to. But think of their lyrics as a mixture of The Cure and Nirvana--and their music like a combonation of the Dead Kennedys and Joy Division. A little difficult to imagine. Don't expect a huge crowd of stoners in their shows. They are straight edge after battaling with drugs and getting raped. Their lives were recorded but the their talents outshines their lifetime.

Joel Chatriagy: Vocals/Guitar
Ethan Garnier: Bassist
Karen Hilks: Vocals/Drums
Guy: Dude, I'm going to a Good Charlotte concert!
Kid: Fuck that shit! I'm going to The Sins!
by 2:00 in the Mourning November 6, 2004
Something thats is/was sly or uncalled for. Usually used in eastern Ireland
Mr Daddy Carey- "ah that's sin, lad"
by ImGoneLad November 2, 2013
Used at the end of a sentence to emphasize how you feel or think about something or what you are doing. Can be used as exaggeration or sarcasm as well.
That science test was hard as sin.
I am tired as sin.
That girl was ugly as sin!
by katquitlollygagging May 27, 2008
“I’m going to hell for my sins, I accidentally made eye contact with a female!”
by Catra February 3, 2020
Mother: This group is the definition of sin. Just saying. When you look up sin in the dictionary, it says “Anti-Caelan”
by no_person_in_particular420 October 7, 2019
Put ˢᶦⁿᶠᵘˡ sinful infront of your name to represent ZeroDayz.
Rascal: wicked!!1!!!1111!
Retro: :sunglasses:
Anti: i wouldnt want to mess with a nigga named PogChamp
by Retro#6666 July 22, 2020