1. The art of reforming: the state of being reformed 2. A 16th century religious movement marked ultimately by rejected or modificationof some Roman Catholic doctrine and practice and establishmentt of of the Protestant churches
1. We are going to have a reformation to become a bigger group
by Kenneth Egelkrout September 23, 2008
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one who makes or creates change. a revisionist, a revolutionary, a repeat informant.
street reformant, hope reformant, avoid repeat informants
by crza_crx May 29, 2007
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The sect or branch of Judaism between Reform and Conservative; also known as Conservaform.
My mom was a Reform Jew, but my dad was a Conservative Jew. Since the two were always intermingling and we bounced back and forth between the two, I consider myself a Reformative Jew.
by BirchTree80 April 6, 2010
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Give it a few years, and it will lead to chaos.
by AYB July 19, 2003
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A sexual fetish mostly in the gay community that relates to more out of bed dominance/submission in which the dominant "forces" the consenting submissive to conform to social norms in varying degrees be it behavior and/or clothing/style. This is a branch of the brat/brat tamer kink.

An example would be a dominant turning their alternative or emo submissive into a more preppy or clean-cut boy.
A few of my favorite kinks are hypnotism, bondage, reformism, etc.
by Dust Palace September 10, 2020
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