Those Christians who broke away from the corrupt Catholic Church of the 16th century so that they could form their own judgmental, jingoistic, and batshit crazy sect of Christianty.
Protestant is the P in WASP.
by Johnny Pseudonym June 10, 2005
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Walking around in public and drinking a Pepsi.
Hey, did you see Ethan at that protest the other day?

Yeah, he gave me a free Pepsi!
by kc01_8 April 10, 2017
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To steal from wall-mart and burn down McDonald’s cause a cop shot a guy
My mans got sho let’s go protest.
by Jazzman99 October 30, 2020
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1. A member of a Western Christian church whose faith and practice are founded on the principles of the Reformation, especially in the acceptance of the Bible as the sole source of revelation, in justification by faith alone, and in the universal priesthood of all the believers.
2. A member of a Western Christian church adhering to the theologies of Luther, Calvin, or Zwingli.
3. One of the German princes and cities that supported the doctrines of Luther and protested against the decision of the second Diet of Speyer (1529) to enforce the Edict of Worms (1521) and deny toleration to Lutherans.

Basically, a religion that was founded when the people realized the Roman Catholic church was going nuts and so they decided they had to stop this somehow. Protestantism is often misunderstood because some protestants of the past were way too radical, like for example, Hitler.
Normal Protestants just believe in faith, God and the Bible, since they believe the Roman Catholic church is full of bs-ers and one of the few last worthy people in there died a couple of months ago.

Crazy Protestants kill those who don't agree with them.

Because of the crazy protestants the normal ones are often misunderstood.
by Samantha Lee March 04, 2006
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The socially-acceptable form of heretic.
I really admire the Protestant work ethic. It'll come in handy when they're shoveling coal in hell.
by MrSolis January 08, 2013
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Originally kickstarted by Henry VIII who was originally catholic and wanted to divorce his wife (Catherine of Aragon) but the annullment was not allowed by the pope (who was being held prisoner by Charles V of the Holy Roman Empire at the time). After falling for Anne Boleyn king Henry excommunicated himself from the catholic church and a parliamnet act was passed known as the 'act of succession' which put Henry as the head of the church of england, which is to this day officially protestant (although this has alternated between catholisism and protestantism over the centuries and has sparked many feuds between the two religions. Perhaps most notably the gunpowder plot on the houses of parliament and of course the colonisation and 'thourough' by Sir Thomas Wentworth of Northern Ireland which still has massive political repocusions.)
Protestants make up 4% of the world's religions
by Brummie Stu March 19, 2006
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1. A group of people that seperated from the Catholic Church (Also known as Lutheran because of the person who proposed the IDea for the protesting) because it felt that its teaching were becoming too materialistic. These people are generally giving (especially to the Church), but have been known to have narrow thinking. They did have their reasons though for separating from the Catholic Church.
The Lutheran Chuch paid for the new homeless shelter.
by MORELLIVS June 25, 2005
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