A type of one on one, consisting of a close-up shot of cast members talking directly to camera. Confessionals are used to provide narration, exposition, and commentary on ongoing action within the show. They present cast members in isolation, providing a sense of intimacy in which emotions may be close to the surface.
She was smiling in his face, but was talking smack about him in the confessional.
by thatonestraightupgangsta July 23, 2019
i was gettin' real in the confessional, when i let loose a mighty load
by michael foolsley November 23, 2009
the act of substituting confession with urban dictionary while using an alias to clear your conscious
Ashamed from jacking off in the tomato garden and disenfranchised from learning the fresh vegetables in his salad came from said garden Lloyd took to the internet under the alias tomato wackier to clear his conscious, it was a urban confessional.
When confronting the ATM machine and a prayer for forgiveness in the hopes there will be money for a night out or shoes. It's very Catholic.
" Shhhhh.. can't you tell she's at the ATM confessional this is a very private moment..."

Pleeeze...just 3 twenty's.....
by DaynaS May 28, 2008
when our elected officials, in a rare moment of clarity, secretly admit they're incompetent
Behind VOID tramp-stamped foreheads residing inside dumb asses, vacuums become self-aware.

We suck at this.” ~Congressional confessional
by Emerson Crossjostle March 13, 2013
Someone who lives sin 6 days a week, even the same one weekly, and Worships on Saturday Confessions.
The disco queen was a devout Confessional Catholic.
by pornstitute September 7, 2022