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Describing an oversized vagina. To the owner one could remark “By goodness! My organ’s never played in a cathedral this size before”.
by cracky March 01, 2003
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Cathedral decribes the shape of a vagina after someone with a large penis just destroyed it.
David:Yo guess what
Stranger1: Whats up
David: I made a cathedral in that bitch
by Duecer July 25, 2011
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a word used to keep someone quiet or confuse them in the middle of a sentence
yo if he dont stop talkin ima hit em wit a mean cathEdral
by Thomas Brady October 18, 2007
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A woman so hot you have to thank god how fortunate you are while inside.

Alex: Look over there, that girl is super hot!

Chris: Yeah man, shes a cathedral!
by Chris Abramson August 04, 2007
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Used when describing a very attractive girl.
"Man! She was a Cathedral. When I entered, I had to thank the Lord" or: "Man, that girl is a Cathedral. I'd be a religious man just to enter her doors"
by C. A. August 03, 2007
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