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a normal way of relieving horniness. it actually is healthy and its better than going aroung getting pregnant lyk a hoe.
masturbation is normal. only prudes are agianst it. just dont do it in public.....
by jennylovesean April 10, 2006
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an ass. an ass who thinks that they are unique although they are doin the same thing as every1 else. sum1 who judges ppl before getting to know them. sum1 who labels ppl as either punk,prep,goth,gangsta,emo and etc. HUMANS WERE NOT TO BE LABELED U FAG!!!!! a label belongs on a soup can. youre not god so stop judgin ppl before u kno them u whore!
labeler: oh look a cheerleader, must be a prep!
im so unique cuz im not like them although im doin the same thing as every1 else who thinks they are unique! im a god damn hypocrite mommy!god im a kewl stereotyped poser.
by jennylovesean April 10, 2006
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Sum1 who only buys brand name clothes, teases poorer ppl, makes fun of ppl who r smart and buy reasonable priced clothes, inlove with makeup more than anything, thinks they are on fuckin MTV!!!!!wen theyre not!!!!
biitch thats high maitenanced: oh ew look those clothes they are not brand named!!!!! i only wear brand name cuz im shallow and im spoiled and a biitch slut whore fag cunt prick etc....im so sexy.
by jennylovesean April 10, 2006
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a person who says one thing and then turns around and does the opposite.
-John Kerry
-the popular kids at my skewl

hypocrites 2 person: dont go to fox woods cuz gamblin is evil!
hypocrite at fox woods: wooohoo baby gimme the money!!!!*pulls on slot machines*

ex 2:
white person: yo wat up my nigga?!
black person: dont u fuckin say that again 2 me bitich!

later on....

black person 2 white person: heyy wat^ my cracker!?
by jennylovesean April 11, 2006
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the religion who happened to be the first chritians until martin luther came with his head up his ass and tried to force the catholic church to ass and take out things out of the bible. even thought the bible has a warning on the back saying ne1 who adds or taked out of the bible will suffer the plagues that r fitured in the bible" thats y catholics think hes burning in hell.plus catholics are christians for u dumbasses who dont believe so cuz the bible says that ne1 who believes jesus is the messiah is christian! and catholics believe so , so pull ur head out of ur ass!!!
ppl who insult catholics are hypocrites because u kno wat? u aint a good christian cuz the bible says respect all religions. heh u hypocrite.
by jennylovesean April 10, 2006
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a hypocritical religion that thinks they are the only christians and that every1 is going to hell but themwho tries to make catholics (the ORIGINAL CHRISTIANS) look bad just so every1 can join their church. also, the back of the bible states that ne1 who takes or adds to the bible will suffer the plagues mentioned in the bible" and u kno wat? protestants changed the bible! also rude bitches who say Mary is a prostitute and changed the original bible to say that she had many kids. ya my ass. thats changing the bible for sure and i bet Jesus really appreciates ppl insulting his mom.
protestant: we are the only christians and the world revolves around us. although we are god damn hypocrites who changed the bible many times under the following the example of Martin Luther who actually forced the catholic church to change the bible....jeez
by jennylovesean April 12, 2006
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sum1 who does not wish to have sex yet. many ppl think its stupid to do so but its not. cuz atleast they wont be 15 years old in the hospital in labor u fuckin teen whore!
the media and society and mostly mtv is teaching ppl to have sex all the tyme. u bunch of hoes!
virgin: i dont want to have sex yet cuz im not ready
stupid ass influenced by the media: have sex or else ur stupid cuz being a virgin is dumb. being a pregnant teen is better.

u dumbass.
by jennylovesean April 10, 2006
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