1. to be soft, lightly , kind, amiable ,of or relating to a gentleman, a: tractable, docile b: free from harshness, sternness, or violence3: soft, delicate4: moderate
"please bite me in a gentle manner" said waffles, " i dont want you to leave marks on my neck"
by waffliness July 4, 2008
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The lie that you tell your same sex partner that you'll be just before cramming your dick into his ass
by Anonymous May 24, 2003
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Dave: "no I dont think he is Gay, I think he is just a bit gentle"
by Dave Morgan September 7, 2004
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A word that should never be used around kotoko utsugi in the danganronpa game ultra despair girls.
G-gentle?I don't like Gentle! No!!!!
by Kyle_broflovski10000000 December 28, 2021
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Section 24- Protection via gentle direction

24(a)- A direction, or plea, for the oppression of an outside force, whether physical or non-physical, to be reduced from the level at which the oppression was set to be conveyed, or forced, against an individual.

(b)- The execution of the vocalisation, in regards to delivery and tone, is characterised, typically, by the actual phrase itself, and in effect, "Be gentle" is primarily spoken gently.

(c) The phrase may, or may not, be supported by additional vocalisations which demonstrate the weakness, either intended or not intended. of the victim.
Level 3, tower 4: "There's Fingers, get him!!!"

*Fingers is handled roughly*
Fingers: "Be gentle, ughuughughhuughh"
by TheBigD101 March 25, 2015
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n. A NE slang term for one's privates or genitals. Intended as a way to soften the image presented by one's sex organs in order to present them in a warm and comforting fashion.
Let's bask in the warmth of the fire and caress each other's gentles.
by Nascar2006 November 4, 2006
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