A large or massive quantity of something (see "for days," but on an infinitely more epic scale).

Originally coined by Vivica A. Fox on Rupaul's Drag Race (S8 E7) when referring to contestant Naomi Small's padding.
Vivica A. Fox: "Now. That runway? She was padded for Jesus! Gorgeous!"
by beautyfacerealness May 07, 2016
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Used in escalating anger when saying one Jesus isn't enough. With each jesus said the tone becomes louder and stronger so by the third jesus you are using everything you got.
(a ketchup bottle falls from the fridge and smashes all over the floor)
jesus Jesus JESUS!!!!!
by Stephen McDonnell February 09, 2006
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Saying "Jesus" backwards sounds like "Sausage" try it.
Jesus backwards:
Susej = Sausage!

Now thumbs up this comment, or I KILL YOU.
by HelloImAPizza August 19, 2010
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Jesus will be the best person you will ever meet. He loves to talk to anyone who is feeling down and will comfort you when you need it. If you see one tell them they are the best person ever. He will always love you no matter what. If you date one. He will never cheat on you. Even though some of you disagree. He loves to talk to anyone. Always loves to meet people. Also, he is very smart in math. He loves people who are very generous. He hates people who always think who is always right. He thinks that every girl is beautiful no matter how ugly you look.
Jesus said to Maria you look amazing today.
by I am not going to tell you September 10, 2018
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Jesus is a common male name for Hispanics. Jesus is the guy that will take your girl.
Aye Jesus isn't that Michaels girl??
by Bigdikboy March 13, 2017
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Jesus is the most loyal man on earth, he has not and will not cheat on his girlfriend PERIOD
I wish my boyfriend was as loyal as Jesus
by Soccerslife17 December 22, 2018
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