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a form of christianity. split from roman catholic church after people realized that the pope was NOT NEEDED and not even mentioned in the Bible, and that they didnt need to be paganistic by worshiping statues and holy places and rituals and junt.
martin luther accidently got a revolution going on and some german princes,sweden,england,and even catholic france proceeded to kick the shit out of the catholic armies.

protestants choose to bielieve (or should) that we all have the right to talk to God one on one and not have to tell some old guy our sins.
unlike catholics and other paganistic religions, rosary beads,worship to statues and holy places are not needed to glorify God.
most catholics dont realize that most of thier religion's "tradition" is from their pre christian ancestor's pagan tendencys.

Glorify God the way you feel is best.
Pope: Peasants must pay for the great cathedral in rome, for the saints wish it to be.
Enlightened Person: Ah,Pope, you are a wise man and strong in your faith of Christ, but your the leader of a large and twisted cult, and i shall now proceed to kick your ass.

protestants defeated rome in the reformation.
that might just mean...maybe...God was on thier side?
by rufus walabee August 29, 2006

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