A fair or unfair punishment for something that a person has done. Usually a term used by football players to make fun of the referees bad calls.....or to make fun of other people.
football player: PENALTY for being an idiot ....15 yards
by savyman November 20, 2007
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That's when you talk shit and get banned from the spot.
When i tried to split with the beer that guy never even told me about the cop, But when i talked shit little did i know he was a drug lord, I go back and about 8 people at the spot were pissed and called penalty.
by White Vato August 1, 2006
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The penalty on Juventus on April 11, 2018 was like a dagger Ronaldo inserted into the heart of Juventus hope.
by DonLebanon April 11, 2018
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A term for when someone is acting out of pocket and or on some bullshit so you pass them a some zaza so that they can chill tf out. Could also mean just going out for a smoke but usually after something ridiculous just happened and you need a moment to process.
Alan Diaz was buggin tf out inside the bar and scaring the bitches so Guapski took him outside for a Zaza Penalty.
by ye ight March 20, 2021
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a penalty stroke is what happens when you're horny, but you were a dick to your wife, so instead of a wild night of sex you end up having to rub one out in the bathroom instead.
I forgot my wife's birthday so instead of having sex I ended up taking a penalty stroke.
by arnie123 April 5, 2015
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From over 35 years of personal knowledge. . . .

Means especially large, really big, packed and mounded bong hit, specifically applied for punitive purposes, after some really dumb move or fuckup. Much, much more bigger & packed than a normal size bong hit.

(Putting aside, of course, that the result is pleasurable - yet punitive in the sense you are seriously fucked up, brain scrambled and unable to function, or even speak coherently, for awhile ; the sentence is more a reward than anything else. Possibly resulting in encouraging or reinforcing bad behavior.)

See also "PB-Penalty Bong"
“Oh wow Dude, you did NOT just…..(A) spill all the rest of our dope on the floor? (B) tell your Mom we just dropped acid? (a personal best – fuck, another PB!) (C) pee yourself? (D) tell that cop we were stoned? (E) smoke all that joint without givin’ me a hit? (F) eat all the rest of the chocolate chip cookies? (G) spill the bong water? (H) do your girlfriends Mom and not invite me? . . . penalty bong!”

(and in REALLY bad instances it was referred to as
"Penalty Fuckin Bong or P Fuckin B")
by Hednout March 1, 2011
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A pen merchant is an individual who’s only form of scoring is from penalties. One notorious pen merchant is Chelsea player “Porginho” who somehow placed 3rd in the 2021 ballon d’or awards after scoring 11 goals that happened to be 11 penalties. He ghosted for Euro 2020 and UCL 20/21
Friend 1: hey did Chelsea win last night?
Friend 2: yes thanks to Porginho! He’s a world class penalty merchant
by Libelllula January 1, 2022
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