A fair or unfair punishment for something that a person has done. Usually a term used by football players to make fun of the referees bad calls.....or to make fun of other people.
football player: PENALTY for being an idiot ....15 yards
by savyman November 19, 2007
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That's when you talk shit and get banned from the spot.
When i tried to split with the beer that guy never even told me about the cop, But when i talked shit little did i know he was a drug lord, I go back and about 8 people at the spot were pissed and called penalty.
by White Vato August 1, 2006
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The penalty on Juventus on April 11, 2018 was like a dagger Ronaldo inserted into the heart of Juventus hope.
by DonLebanon April 11, 2018
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A term for when someone is acting out of pocket and or on some bullshit so you pass them a some zaza so that they can chill tf out. Could also mean just going out for a smoke but usually after something ridiculous just happened and you need a moment to process.
Alan Diaz was buggin tf out inside the bar and scaring the bitches so Guapski took him outside for a Zaza Penalty.
by ye ight March 20, 2021
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a penalty stroke is what happens when you're horny, but you were a dick to your wife, so instead of a wild night of sex you end up having to rub one out in the bathroom instead.
I forgot my wife's birthday so instead of having sex I ended up taking a penalty stroke.
by arnie123 April 4, 2015
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From over 35 years of personal knowledge. . . .

Means especially large, really big, packed and mounded bong hit, specifically applied for punitive purposes, after some really dumb move or fuckup. Much, much more bigger & packed than a normal size bong hit.

(Putting aside, of course, that the result is pleasurable - yet punitive in the sense you are seriously fucked up, brain scrambled and unable to function, or even speak coherently, for awhile ; the sentence is more a reward than anything else. Possibly resulting in encouraging or reinforcing bad behavior.)

See also "PB-Penalty Bong"
“Oh wow Dude, you did NOT just…..(A) spill all the rest of our dope on the floor? (B) tell your Mom we just dropped acid? (a personal best – fuck, another PB!) (C) pee yourself? (D) tell that cop we were stoned? (E) smoke all that joint without givin’ me a hit? (F) eat all the rest of the chocolate chip cookies? (G) spill the bong water? (H) do your girlfriends Mom and not invite me? . . . penalty bong!”

(and in REALLY bad instances it was referred to as
"Penalty Fuckin Bong or P Fuckin B")
by Hednout March 1, 2011
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Call Center term - the act by an agent of putting a caller on hold as punishment for being stupid or otherwise annoying. Duration of penalty hold is a function of how irritating the caller is being.
Caller: well I want you to bla bla bla because I'm important and you're just a peon and bla bla bla...

Agent (smiling): Just a moment, Ma'am, let me see what I can do for you (places call on hold)

Cube-mate: Hey, are you on break?

Agent: Naw, I've got a caller on a five-minute penalty hold.

- - -

Agent 1: Don't you hate it when they start demanding shit like they're entitled?

Agent 2: Yeah! I usually give them at least three minutes penalty hold.
by phxphun1 August 1, 2008
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