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A fair or unfair punishment for something that a person has done. Usually a term used by football players to make fun of the referees bad calls.....or to make fun of other people.
football player: PENALTY for being an idiot ....15 yards
by savyman November 19, 2007
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That's when you talk shit and get banned from the spot.
When i tried to split with the beer that guy never even told me about the cop, But when i talked shit little did i know he was a drug lord, I go back and about 8 people at the spot were pissed and called penalty.
by White Vato August 01, 2006
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The penalty on Juventus on April 11, 2018 was like a dagger Ronaldo inserted into the heart of Juventus hope.
by DonLebanon May 25, 2018
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