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protestant means to protest the truth of holy scripture, and to reject all doctrines not based on the teachings of the bible (gods word revealed to man).
puritans were people who wanted to ''purify'' the church of 'popish' doctrines. henry V111 although he had a dispute with the pope was never a protestant. luther was a reformer of the papacy but he never denied the mass and ergo was never 100% protestant.
protestants reject doctrines such as the papacy, the priesthood, the 'petrine' (rock) theory, mary worship, wafer worship (the mass/transubstantiation), genuflection, crucifixes, candles, scapulars, holy water, indulgences, purgatory, etc. etc. because they are inventions of man and are not based on the bible.
by soundprod August 29, 2006
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Protestant means a group of christians who are neither catholic or orthodox.Today they number around 800 million,compared to 1.2billion catholics and 200 million orthodox.General uniting feature of this group which seperate them from both catholicism and orthodox church is that they reject the practice of 'intercession of saints'.

Protestant revolution of 16th century was not the origin of protestantism as catholics try to claim.The first protestant church was the apostolic church. (the church depicted in new testament do not pray to "saints" or use statues\images in prayer worship.) Thus it was protestant in essence.
catholics massacred many true christian groups like manichaens.paulicians,bogomils,waldensians,cathars who showed boldeness to protest against their idolatrous practice of 'intercession of saints',before the coming of protestant revolution.
by Jan Zizka January 19, 2011
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Sam, we're promoting you from tester to protester.
by Dreamspeeder March 24, 2016
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1. To whine
2. To Bitch
3. Also see "protesting" -A debate strategy commonly used by Ridgeview and Bakersfield High schools
4. The only lesson jv members at the aforementioned schools learn about
5. Protesting Manuals are equivalent to evidence at these schools.
"OMG! Their case is so good! How are we going to beat it?"-Student #1

"Don't worry, Mr. Herrer gave us a protesting manual before the round. We don't need to think!"- Student #2
by tommywiththehair December 16, 2011
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When a society reaches a certain point in economic wealth and status where its citizens have nothing better to do then disapprove or object something not of there own business.
Susie across the road apparently has her lawn mowed at 1.5 inches instead of 1.7 inches. CARL GATHER THE NEIGHBOURS AND MAKE SIGHNS THAT DONT MAKE ANY SENSE, WE MUST PROTEST! (This is not meant to offend anyone just my humble opinion).
by YeeterMeatBeater October 09, 2018
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A person who seriously engages in the hobby of protesting. They run around screaming trying to change the world by getting "them" to do the right thing instead of finishing college, getting a job, or running for office.
My last girlfriend was mad about the environment, the War, and animal rights, so instead of working she went to meetings with other angry protesters.
by drdavidcalling September 23, 2006
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1. To whine and bitch about something
2. Then participate in it fully anyway
I'm protesting this stupid game because it costs too much to play!
But look at me, I'm in the top 10 with my protest on!
by **pseudonym** March 23, 2017
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