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An Icelander is a person from Iceland, someone of Icelandic decent, or someone with Icelandic citzenship.

Most native Icelanders are of Norwegian and Celtic ancestory although there others of other ancestry mainly Scandinavian.

The first inhabitants of Iceland were Irish monks recorded by Norweigan settler Ari Thorgilsson in the Íslendingab(the book of Icelanders) Iceland was settled by the Norse in the 9th century A.D.

The oldest known source that mentions the name "Iceland" is an 11th century Gothic rune carving and the first written source that mentioned Icelands esistance was a book by an Irish monk Dicuil.

Results of genetic testing show the majority of male settlers of Iceland were of Viking heritage, while most of the woman are said to be of Celtic heritage.
Person 1: Man, I wish I was an Icelander.

Person 2: Yeah being from Utah sucks.

Me: Wow, I never realised it can get colder in the winter where I live then in Iceland. Maybe I should move.

Me: Icelanders have the coolest accent.
by Native Washingtonian April 27, 2008
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