Archipelago of man-made islands off of Dubai in the Persian Gulf. When completed in 2008, they will look like a mosiac of the planet composed entirely of these said islands. On these islands, there will be multi-million dollar beach houses that will make south beach look like a trailer park. Moguls like Sir Richard Branson have already grabbed most of them up.
When you visit Dubai, don't forget to pass by the world!!
by W.C.'s own June 30, 2006
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can be used as it's the world or your the world. a term saying that something is really good.
try this bud it's the world.
by george January 20, 2005
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A place of inequalities.

The world as it is recognised in the early 21st century could be largely said to be shaped by the British (completely honest opinion said in a non-jingoistic fashion!).

No matter what I define it as, somebody will disagree with it - which in itself is an action which could help define *the world*.

The world today consists of many things I don't like. Too many to list and none of them appear to take particular precedence. However - words like precedence, patrotism, recall, and frustration come high on the list as they remind me of America and the way in which Americans say them; and I can barely bring myself to type its acronym consisting of three letters as it symbolises all that aggrevates me in *the world*.

The accent is piercing and just unbarable, whilst the people of *the world's* last remaining superpower are as thick as fuckin shit.

Its culture consists of celebrity and nothing else. In fact it's involved in every other English speaking country's existence that it drives the inhabitants wild with rage - you think the Arabic world aren't fond of fuckin America - they should look at their *allies* or fuckin *coalition* or whatever the bastards have named it.

Nonetheless, these are my opinions in MY world - and nothing more.
Anne Robinson on Weakest Link on British Satellite TV: "What does NATO stand for?"

Contestant from a country you can guess for yourself : "*hestitates*.... National...American Treaty...."
by britishandworried February 08, 2005
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