A young human being who is not big and is fun to kick twice in the face!
Chris is a small child...... lets kick him in the face...twice
by Jebend January 23, 2007
when someone is always screaming about this that are there fault
"my work takes so long"

:no your just being a abyss small child"
by garrydaplatypus January 21, 2021
This is a general description of a very strong aloholic drink. ex: so much alohol in the glass that it would be lethal to a small child.
I had so many "small child killers" last night that i wiped out a whole day care center.
by queenbee July 26, 2004
When Mr. Stash flashed us, we saw what looked like a small child holding an apple.

by Griphftor August 16, 2006
An extremely large shit that both felt like birth when it came out, and made you a proud single mother. It is the product of impulsive action and a chipotle burrito the size of a black dick.
After the wurst festival, Charles excused himself to deliver a small black child in the unisex toilet at the nearest 7-11.
by Allierace November 25, 2014
is small and jewish
they are jewish and are in existence to make fun of
person A "small jewish child"
Person B -dies of funny-
Small child named Aaden who is always angry for no fucking reason
Small angry child: fuck you!
Hazel: why are you such a brat?!
Small angry child: because I’m small angry child!
by Theshakenneverland May 14, 2022