A young human being who is not big and is fun to kick twice in the face!
Chris is a small child...... lets kick him in the face...twice
by Jebend January 23, 2007
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when someone is always screaming about this that are there fault
"my work takes so long"

:no your just being a abyss small child"
by garrydaplatypus January 21, 2021
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This is a general description of a very strong aloholic drink. ex: so much alohol in the glass that it would be lethal to a small child.
I had so many "small child killers" last night that i wiped out a whole day care center.
by queenbee July 26, 2004
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When Mr. Stash flashed us, we saw what looked like a small child holding an apple.

by Griphftor August 16, 2006
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An extremely large shit that both felt like birth when it came out, and made you a proud single mother. It is the product of impulsive action and a chipotle burrito the size of a black dick.
After the wurst festival, Charles excused himself to deliver a small black child in the unisex toilet at the nearest 7-11.
by Allierace November 25, 2014
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It's a secret. What made you think you would find it on Urban Dictionary? If Hailey And Michael wont tell you, neither will I.
"What's Small Child Fingernails?"

"A Secret."
by .Haileyyy. February 27, 2019
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is small and jewish
they are jewish and are in existence to make fun of
person A "small jewish child"
Person B -dies of funny-
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