Hot sex machine, sometimes goes for younger boys. they usually hate all men with the name of justin.
Bob: hey phil did you see that milf?
Phil: yeah man she was such a hawley
by Hawk69er January 1, 2010
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The milky residue left on your upper lip after sucking the Santorum from the anus of your wife after she cuckolds with a racist politician.
Be careful drinking a latte with a mustache, else you'll get a wicked hawley.
by captainsubtext January 7, 2021
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1) to zone in on a target whenever they express a desire to purchase merchandise
2) to zone in on a minor when they're being horny, with the intent of chastising them.


3*) hawlied: the past tense of the action of spending your money on merchandise
Person 1: Oh man, I want to buy some mer--
Person 2: Shut up! What if someone Hawleys? You don't have the money for it, fam.

Person 1: Oh god, I might be 16 but I want to b--
Person 2: Stop it, we can't have someone Hawleying in

Person 1: Dude, I hawlied so hard last week on EnStars so i'm broke as FUCK now
by citrusempire March 12, 2019
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1. Jeff really did hawley that last stock deal.

2. Our schedule is completely hawley'd and we're never going to finish on time.
by Travis M. August 22, 2005
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It is an adjective meaning Hazy Hot and Humid.
Person 1: Wow it is so hot and humid.
Person 2: Yeh, its very hawley.
by Triple TTT August 1, 2006
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You know that thing that happens where you burp and a teeny bit of vomit comes up, and the back of your throat burns from the bile? From 6th Jan, 2021, that condition is known as a hawley.

Credit: ACAB from Newsweek comments forum
Dick: "graaah!"
Johnson:"What's wrong dude?"
Dick:"I've got a hawley. Must be that tuna taco I had this morning."
by Pangalactic Gargleblaster January 13, 2021
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Used to describe something, usually a phrase or a line in a song, that sounds slightly mystical. Nonsensical on the surface, but when you stop and think about it, it actually makes perfect sense. Usually involves larger words and rolls off the tongue pretty well with a nice rhythm.

This is a commonly noted writing style of red-tied Tally Hall guitarist Joe Hawley.
"Infallible confusion infused" and "I had dreams of grandeur" sound very Hawley-esque.
by helveticazedrine May 17, 2020
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