A phrase to use when you are upset or angry over a situation
Damn I lost my wallet, I'm sick
by Sosaaaaa November 20, 2016
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I'm sick of my life - phrase/colloquialism

While the phrase may give the impression that the speaker is, possibly, suicidal; this is not actually the case.
One uses this phrase to express ones extreme displeasure with a given situation.
The situation could be going out somewhere or with someone one would consider unpleasant, working on something or with someone unpleasant and so on...
This phrase is generally heard in Northern England, commonly in the Newcastle area. One may hear it on Geordie Shore.

I'm sick of me life
Am sick of me life
Sick of me life, me
Have got to go to work wi Holly.
Wouldn't want to spend 5mins in a room wi her never mind work.
I'm sick of my life
by rzhhhh February 26, 2012
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