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A way of communication, mostly made and used by humans. Still, animals (and plants, maybe) have languages of their own.

Language consists of sounds made within the throat and then formed into words to show what one means or is thinking.

There were once easily ten-thousand or more human languages in the world, but humans, through ignorance, prejudice, violence, and neglect, managed to destroy so many languages... thus resulting in 6,000 or so languages today, the vast majority of which are endangered by the likes of English, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, French, German, Hindi, and several other major ones taking over, thus threatening the diversity of human culture.

Also what your mother says to you if there is an especially verbally obscene movie playing on the television.
Th'ann mòran gun dèanainn ri sabhail mo Ghàidhlig ghaolach à marbhadh. Tha 'n iomadachd ar saoghal is a dualchais, a-cheana fann beagan, an cunnart de dol às, tha i 'nochdadh. Tha fhios againn air na beathaichean 's lusan an cunnart a-cheana; dè mu na cànanan 's dualchais choimheacha, bhàrdaile?

(There's much that I would do to save my darling Gaelic from dying. The diversity of our world and her cultures, already a little frail, is in danger of extinction, it is appearing. We know about the endangered animals and plants already; What about the exotic, poetic languages and cultures?)

"Don't watch this show, honey; it has language in it!"

And what is that supposed to mean? Of coarse there's language in it! Don't you mean "there's bad language in it" or something along those lines?
by Lorelili March 28, 2005
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What your mother claims movies she doesn't want you to see has too much of. see swearing, cursing
"Oh honey, you can't watch that! It has language!"
by Fruits Basket February 21, 2005
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Grumblings that originate in the throat of a human, which, when heard by another human, mean something. This something is usually insignificant bitching. Language also refers to the scrawl that is writing, where certain pretty little pictures mean things when seen by someone.
Proper use of language: It's neat and all that the sounds you make out of your face hole mean something, but I'd rather you not.
by Latrelle Gobee July 01, 2013
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