a chunk of ice formed from snow falling and coming together over the years and moving very slowly, either descending from high mountains or moving outward from centers of accumulation.
james: who man look that that glacier!

bobi: oh nice! it must be a continental glacier cause it's moving outward from centers of accumulation

james: .... the fuck?
by Ponchop August 3, 2010
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Word for an older bisexual man who likes young boys.
That nasty old man is scoping out the elementary schools again. He is a glacier, call the cops.
by me May 31, 2006
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Insert ice cubes into your partners ass, then lay under them and drink the the shitty drip.

If this gets boring you can use a half order of Buffalo Wings instead of ice cubes, hence the "Lava Flow".
My mouth tastes like freezing cold ass from that glacier I just gave.
by dan the tank June 21, 2007
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The fecal-friendly act known as "Glaciering" (also known to the ancient Greeks as "Turdus Erectus") begins with the constant procrastination of an initially violent bowel movement. After numerous mighty shutters of the sphincter, the movement grows not only in size but density. After nearly an entire day of fighting off the mighty triumphant (and now because of its density nearly elicits it's own gravitational pull) log of feces, you release it in one fowl glutenous act into a toilet. The massive clump literally rises above the water of the toilet bowl, sometimes above the rim of the seat, giving the feces a "Glacier"-like appearance.
"After a prolonged Antonio Banderas Look-alike Convention, I found the nearest Macy's outlet center and destroyed their bathroom by Glaciering the toilet. The size of which would dwarf the glacier responsible for sinking the Titanic."
by FecalFanatic666 July 4, 2015
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Someone who thinks that they are better than everyone else. Glaciers think that everyone is water and they are this mighty formation of ice.
Wow, James is turning into a glacier
by Nick korn November 1, 2019
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the act of awakening the morning after a long night of getting crunk/shittanked/schwasted and instantly realizing that you are still absolutely plastered.
Christ Almighty! I am glaciering so hard right now that I can't even make my way to the bathroom to relieve myself!
by Betsy Rossz September 26, 2008
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when a girl looks super hot and thin sitting down or when lower half is not visible, but when you see her whole body 80% of her body weight is in the hips and below. And not in a good way, in a way that looks like she could take down the god damn titanic itself.
Guy: damnnnn, that girl is so hot (about girl sitting down or lower half is not visible)

*girl stands up revealing shes a fat*

Guy: damn it....never mind, shes a glacier
by datrumole August 23, 2010
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