Edda is the name to a beautiful and crazy girl. She likes to party and have a great time with here friends. She is crazy in bed and won’t say no to a nice dick. She has a slim body and and juicy ass. But be careful, she is gonna play with your heart and if your a dick she’s will be your worst nightmare
by Mr PussyDistroyer September 13, 2021
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A wonderful girl, who is talented, brilliant, intelligent, caring, loving. She is the definition of PERFECTION. Everyone loves her for being the way she is, and not caring about what other people think of her. She is funny and makes people laugh with her sense of humor. This AMAZING girl will make your day, and it's really rare when you get to meet an Edda in your life. Putting it short she'll make your life heaven on earth.
The best types of girls are the girls named Edda.
by Lolitamirabal November 24, 2021
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some one who is mad or a headcase
what did you want and go and do that for you edda
by lockie123 August 15, 2008
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When someone acts/does/says something considering crazy by someone else
"she's a complete 'edda!"
by Gem n Kurst November 14, 2004
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The Italian version of "Cuck." Usually used by Italian grandmothers.
That old man is a cucka-edda. He has a mustache that's older than the universe.
by Mrs. KuddleKATZ April 25, 2017
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