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verb. To commit an act of insurmountable, epic proportions that will be remembered by all except for the person who committed the act.
Often recalled by females regarding particular acts of pleasure.
Did you see that guy hackey-sack that falling beer bottle back up to his hand? He is SOOOOO drunk, he TOTALLY Leifed it!

She said, "I got so Leifed last night my knees still tingle!"
by leif-ster February 04, 2010
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Strong, handsome, resourceful, smart, funny, warm, sexy as hell. Fierce defender of family, friends, and the weak. Kind and joyful but not a pushover. Huge warm heart; always affectionate but always just out of reach. Dangles just enough to keep the ladies wanting more. Warm eyes and strong hands; a smile that makes one glow from the inside out.

Athletic, artistic, gifted with numbers; grounded, responsible, his priorities are clear. The favorite uncle, the favorite buddy; the guy you call when your car breaks down or when your mate breaks up with you. Rugged yet tender; a man's man with a steady, glorious presence.

Big game hunter, man of the fjords, fisherman, golfer, second baseman. Gorgeous physical specimen with backstraps that convey strength, control, and power. Tall blonde women are magnetically drawn to him.

Everyone wants to be around him but he loves solitude, the outdoors, and finding his own way. The guy you hope will return your call, the guy you hope will come to your party, your barbeque, your out of town conference. Has no idea how attractive he is.
The party felt pretty lame until Leif showed up.

Her face lit up with joy when Leif walked through the door.

It would never have come together this well if not for Leif.
by Ingrid88 August 07, 2017
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Norse name meaning "Beloved". Also the name of the first western European to settle North America (Leif Ericson), though the settlement was eventually abandoned due to native American raids.
Teacher: "Class, who was the first person to discover America?"
Student-1: "Christopher Columbus! In 1492!"
Teacher: "Very good Timmy..."
Student-2: "Wasn't it Leif Ericson in 1003?"
Teacher: "There is no proof of that Chris."
Student-2: "There's no proof that you have a brain, yet here we are sitting in your dumb-ass class."
by Leifr July 30, 2009
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the best boyfriend you will ever have. he's the best, always there for you and will never let you down. so sweet. the one that you smile with so genuinely every day because you love him and the way he looks at you. he's the most kick ass person you ever met but he's a sweetie. he's handsome, smart and has an overall amazing personality. Once you have met him you will never see anyone else in the same way again. He's a skater with the best moves. he's quiet but he says all the right things. you feel like you could tell him anything. He's got the best friends that then become your friends. and when your with him you feel so good. you can't sleep because your so stuck on him and you can't get him out of your head.
gossiper: did you see Leif yesterday he was with lauren
gossipers best friend: I know, the are perfect together
by LB1_7 January 11, 2018
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That which refers to all things that kick ass. A Monty-less void of marshmellows and puffy little crackers
I think i would like a Leif today with my sandwich. Fligga knees!
by NiceHair July 18, 2006
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A studly athlete who accelerates in sports, while being a rebel and shredding it up with his metal band on the weekends. Also a pretty good looking guy who gains 15 pounds after every weigh-in.
Guy one: "Hey, did you see leif pin that state champ in 40 seconds yesterday?"
Guy two: "Hey man shut up, I'm trying to listen to that leifs band shred it up!"
by rustinpeace January 09, 2008
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