A town in south-central Arkansas, United States. Approx. 33,000 residents 95% of whom are white. Lots of old retired folks who wear stupid hats, get in the way of skateboarding, and eat stinky rueben sandwiches at the racetrack every week.
Other than those facts; is the also the most beautiful town in America. Has been named One of America's best Small Arts Town several years consecutively. Is in the tri-lakes area of Lake Hamilton, Lake Ouachita and Lake Catherine. Also close to Degray Lake.

Has the best downtown EVER, beautiful bathhouses, sweet art galleries, and the best eccentric and friendly folk.
Some awesome shit in Hot Springs; bathhouses, pristine lakes, Arlington Hotel, Brauhause, great schools and really hot chicks especially Livvey.
Noun: also used in reference to compare lesser towns.
Madison, Wisconsin is a nice college town, but it is no Hot Springs.
by chakachan87 March 6, 2010
We decided to go on a hike and swim in the hot springs.
by Hypnotic Talent September 8, 2019
This is when you defecate or "drop a deuce" in a public hot tub leaving a pleasant surprise for the next poor guy or gal.
"Dude, Travis just chocolate hot spring'ed the pool area! Do Not Go In There!"
by J.Spencer Lambchop January 22, 2008
A bad city to live in full of crime,drugs and trash.

Desert Hot Springs High School is also a bad place to be. Fights,drugs and 99% Mexican.

Also the parties suck here..the good ones are in Palm Desert
Dont ever come to Desert Hot Springs,it sucks.
by fuck1313 October 28, 2007
Desert Hot Springs is a small town of a population of 26,000 and have the highest crime rate in California for a small town/city. With a gang member population over 1000. Dhs is home of the W/S 12 st Hussla Crips is an African American gang, E/S 132 Mafia Boy Crips is an African American gang, True Crime Boyz are a Mexican/Mexican American gang, West Drive Locos are a Mexican/Mexican American gang, Brown Town Locos are a Mexican/Mexican American gang Coachella Valley Criminals are a Mexican/Mexican American gang.
Desert Hot Springs Gangs are an prodigy of poorest town in Riverside County. 12 st originated in the 90's as 12 st Hussla are now converted to Crips they are allies with the Mafia Boyz Crips and rivals with Gateway Crips,bloods, West Drive Locos and Brown Town Locos. Mafia Boy Crips originated in the early 2000 and lost there numbers due to gang injunctions. They are allies with 12 st husslas,Moreno Valley gangs and rivals with Gateway Crips and bloods. West Drive Locos originated in the 90's they have ties to the Mexican Mafia and are rivals with the 12 st Hussla Crips, Gateway Crips, True Crime Boyz, Brown Town Locos, Coachella Valley Criminals.
by educatorfrommetoyou December 21, 2013
During sexual relations the man relieves himself (pissing) inside of the females vagina. When done correctly the female will scream, that is when the male grabs his strategically placed urinal cake, and shoves it into the females gapping mouth, releasing a pine fresh scent throughout the room.

Origins- L.M.P.-minus Scotch Hollow-San Mateo, CA
She left the L.M.P. battered and confused, piss dripping down her leg and with a chemical/pine taste in her mouth, spitting out chunks of urinal cakes. When she realized where she was coming from it dawned on her, I've been given the Laurie Meadows Hot Springs.
by Guru650 July 29, 2008