The only place left in the world where metal will still get you laid.
Ooh, I love it when you growl like that.
by Ssonic April 3, 2006
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Land of the most feminine people on the planet. They are tall, thin, blonde hair, blue eye, with creamy rosy skin, and filled with lots of estrogen
The people in Scandinavia are very feminine and gorgeous.
by mandreake September 6, 2011
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The countries in Europe that speak a Scandinavian, and thus Germanic, language. I.E. Norway, Sweden, and Denmark.

Iceland is sometimes included and maybe Greenland (because Denmark owns it).

Notice that Finland is not Scandinavian. Their language is not Germanic and Scandinavians get made when Americans lump Finland into Scandinavia. Granted, Finland is a Nordic country.
Yo, Scandinavia is where it at. Hot women, socialism, clean environment, and hot women... you just have to pay around 50% of your taxes tho.
by åstroboy_lambda January 11, 2009
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A section of Northern European where most Nordic people come from. Homeland of the Vikings, it is comprised of Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland.
I imagine that Scandinavia makes the best swedish fish.
by buckey August 17, 2003
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Scandinavia was a conspiracy theory developed by the Soviets in the 1640s. The only parties falling for this April's Day prank were Sweden, Norway and John Kerry. Denmark, Iceland and Finland have often been accused of being part of Scandinavia, but they deny these allegations. Denmark says that they were just playing along and knew all along that it was just a joke.

The Soviet government claimed that Scandinavia was a happy group of countries that did not want to be part of the Cold War or any major global political decision. Early membership benefits included free health care and education without oppressive government. Not to be outdone by commies, USA founded Canada.

After the fall of the Berlin wall, western historians were given access to the Soviet plans of this conspiracy. Later it was revealed that the initial plans were written on a dirty napkin from Hard Rock Cafe in Paris, France.

On most maps, Scandinavia appears as a large nut sack teabagging Europe. Scandinavia's major exports are porn, Volvos and sex-change operations. Major imports are Sun, bikinis and early episodes of MacGyver.

In Scandinavia it tends to be cold so bring a blanket.
by kodiac1 July 5, 2006
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Consists of Sweden and Norway and also a very insignificant, xenophobic country called Denmark to the south. Sweden and Norway are extremely beautiful countries. In contrast, little bigoted Denmark is flat and featureless. The farmers have cut down all the trees and hedgerows in order to grow grass. Swedish and Norwegian people are relatively intelligent due to the the high quality of the school system. The racist Danes, on the other hand, are educationally subnormal. Also, Denmark is probably more German anyway. It is a tiny, frozen land locked to its better southern neighbour. Sweden and Norway are actually further north, in the real Scandinavia. This might explain why people in Denmark have a huge inferiority complex compared to the better Scandinavian countries. It might also suggest why Denmark is so racist. But anyway, Scandinavia is nice, apart from Denmark.
by Greg Denmark December 28, 2011
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a series of comics by "Humon" that, while some are not G-rated, are very funny. Each person represents a country or island (their shirt is their flag) and are based off of steriotypes for the countries the represent. There are alot of characters, but only a few main ones:

Denmark: A drunk who says weird things at wierd times. Scared of nature. likes porn.

Sweden: A total dork; neat freak, technology wiz, very orderly.

Norway: A nature-loving fish eater. Almost always carries fish around and/or eats fish.

Finland: Comes in around the eighth comic or so. A drunk who always wears a green hat with ear flaps. Always carries a knife and a bottle of whiskey. Violent. Typically uses the word "perkele", a finnish curse word. Likes trying to stab people.

Iceland: A very sporty dude with white-blonde hair. Like paracuting into random places, especially volcanoes. Drawn with sparkles, but doesn't relly sparkle. it's just to emphasize his prettiness.

America: A bigshot who is in about a third of the comics. selfish, strange, uses canada as a hat. Butts in to the scandinavian's buisness randomly.

each of the characters also has a sister, but they aren't in there very often.

Alot of the characters are gay in some way shape or form.
by AmajorFAN December 17, 2010
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