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A completely awesome person. Harald's are generally trustworthy and caring people. They are fun to chat with and make people smile. Some of them are tall. They might not think believe in themselves but they are definitely worthy of whatever they want. They're also attractive. Harald's are some of the greatest people alive.

Everyone loves a Harald. Everyone should try to be like a Harald
You see that guy over there? He just complimented me. He's such a Harald!
by kneekee August 13, 2011
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Harald was the first Viking king, and one of the greatest leaders in history. Harald expanded Norway's territory to one of the biggest Empires, throughout Europe, Iceland, and even the Americas. Harald was known for creating an amazing army, its fearless warriors, fighting and intimidations skills, and brutal fighting techniques.

Harald is also synonymous of someone with a lot of ambition and great personality, who isn't scared of anything or anyone. Harald's are generally great charismatic and energetic leaders.
Harald's are also known for their huge penis, and great sexual prowess, lasting much longer than average men in bed and pleasing their women partners beyond limits.
Women all want to have a Harald as a lover.
He manages his team with great power and respect. He's such a Harald.
This guy is huge. He is such a Harald.
by Stan J July 04, 2018
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Verb. To Harald
To silently leave a party without saying good bye.

Usually considered quite rude.
-Where's Espen?

-Gone, he just Harald again...
by Cheesenazi November 13, 2013
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Small, Latvian male with a small penis. Usually dates chicks who dress like dolls.
Man that Haralds guy is a fucking idiot.
by HaraldsTheHandJobber June 23, 2016
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