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When people from California move to the states (usually in droves) and buy up all the land/businesses, raise the price of housing, overcrowd the state, and overall raping of the culture of the state.
Also bringing their crappy ideals/slang/accent/etc and try to force it on natives of the state they moved to while still saying "Well in California (insert crap spewing here) to which I reply (and recommend you to do) "Well go back to California then asshat!"
And lets not forget the ones who buy out a shitload of acreage build a big ass ugly house on it and still only live in it part of the year and spend the rest of the year in California.

Fuck Californicators!
Montanan: "Thanks to those damn Californicators the rent for my 2 bedroom apartment has gone up to 1,500 a month!"

Washingtonian: "Because of Californication they clear cut the entire hill to put the Californian's big ass ugly houses!"

Michigander 1: "Why do those kids sound funny?"
Michigander 2: "It's because of all the damn Californians and their stupid accent!"

Californian: "Well I really just wanted to get away, you know the city life, and the hot weather, so I decided to move to your state and fuck it up."

Me: "Fuck off, please"
by Native Washingtonian April 28, 2008
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An Icelander is a person from Iceland, someone of Icelandic decent, or someone with Icelandic citzenship.

Most native Icelanders are of Norwegian and Celtic ancestory although there others of other ancestry mainly Scandinavian.

The first inhabitants of Iceland were Irish monks recorded by Norweigan settler Ari Thorgilsson in the Íslendingab(the book of Icelanders) Iceland was settled by the Norse in the 9th century A.D.

The oldest known source that mentions the name "Iceland" is an 11th century Gothic rune carving and the first written source that mentioned Icelands esistance was a book by an Irish monk Dicuil.

Results of genetic testing show the majority of male settlers of Iceland were of Viking heritage, while most of the woman are said to be of Celtic heritage.
Person 1: Man, I wish I was an Icelander.

Person 2: Yeah being from Utah sucks.

Me: Wow, I never realised it can get colder in the winter where I live then in Iceland. Maybe I should move.

Me: Icelanders have the coolest accent.
by Native Washingtonian April 28, 2008
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A coffeehouse chain originating from the original Starbucks founded in Seattle, Washington State in 1971. Starbucks originally sold only coffee beans and eqiupment refusing to exspand untill it was under new ownership in 1987. It's really the new owners that fucked it up.

Exspensive coffee but it's good, and their workers receive full benefits.
Dude: "You shouldn't go to Starbucks 'cause like someone told me theres these things called free-trades or something and theres this like globalization thing I heard about on the news one time, and Starbucks is bad or something... well, I'm goin' go smoke some more pot now."

Me: "Yes I go to Starbucks occasionally but it's the only coffeehouse I know of where I live and I've never seen a Dunkin' Donuts before in my life."
by Native Washingtonian April 28, 2008
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They call themselves THE valley, but there are many valleys in the world not just the porn capital of the world San Fernando Valley.
Me: Why can't Skagit Valley in Washington State be called THE valley?

Porn star from San Fernando Valley: Cause you don't gots da pr0ns der.

Me: That's true =(
by Native Washingtonian April 28, 2008
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Washington State is one of the most beautiful and diverse places in the US. It features many unique environments: multiple moutain ranges, ocean beaches, temperate rainforests, gorges, rivers, old growth forests, lakes, rolling hills, cliffs, waterfalls, pine forests, caves, hotsprings, tundra, volcanoes, glaciers, and more.
Washington has 3 national parks, and also many national forests, wilderness areas, and protected land.

Not to mention, Washingtonians are some of the nicest people you'll ever meet.
The state motto: Alki Chinook Jargon meaing "By the by" or "Eventually" accurately describes the way of life of most Washingtonians.
Californian (to his "bra"): "Dude, we should like totally move to Washington State, buy all their land and businesses, raise their housing prices, and like totally force our like ideals and stuff on them!"

Concerned Washingtonian: "Maybe Californians should fix their own state instead of starting a mass exodus to Washington and other states, and ruining their culture in the process."

Uninformed person: "You're from Washington? Have you ever been to the White House?"

Me: "No, I am from the STATE of Washington, you're thinking of the DISTRICT of Columbia."

Actual conversation:
Stupid person: "Washington, isn't that in Canada somewhere?"

Me: "No, Washington is actually the 42nd US state. If you were serious you should go back to 4th grade. If that was a joke, you suck at telling jokes."
by Native Washingtonian April 27, 2008
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