n. Person severely lacking in intelligence and common sense. See idiot and fuckwit.
Our client just asked us to send them a copy of the internet on CD.
by cnb August 9, 2004
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A man that seeks the services of a prostitute, usually in Poland, usally in a Fuck-house.
Jason (in a drunken slur)to the 10 girls at our table: So you are all prostitutes?

Prostitute: Yeeeeess! And you are the clients!
by Doc Emmett Brown May 15, 2005
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When you like someone but are too timid to actually ask them out and instead purchase their business services to obtain a false sense of intimacy.
Mitch cliented himself when he hired Sidney for a massage instead of asking her out.
by ThesaurusIs June 5, 2021
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A computer system or process requesting something from another system or process in a client-server relationship. The opposite of 'server'.
Browsers are clients because they request information from websites' servers.
by Pathoschild March 21, 2005
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An indirect way of saying penis.
"Ima go make my client happy" A
"More porn?" B
"Fuck yeah" A
by Yaziyo April 24, 2006
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known as somebody attending a dick appointment
marissa: “ girl my client is waiting “
melany: “go ahead girl”
by mrs. potatahead November 18, 2020
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