A person who is not only lacking in clue but is apparently unable or unwilling to acquire clue even when handed it on a plate in generous portions.
Manos, you're a fuckwit.
by Jon Fuller October 17, 2003
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any living organism capable of rationalisation skills but rather chooses to put aside any common sense and reason and mindlessly fucks-up (blunders and turns to shit) everything this waste of life and bane on existance happens upon. such entities often times also possess tendencies to verbalize and promote their opinions,thoughts,and feelings as though they were rules of nature and uncompromising truths and universal fact
some fuckwit sideswiped my car today while it was parked inside the garage blamed global warming and the gay agenda.

my fuckwit nephew knocked-up both his sister twice last year.
by grandmakunt April 14, 2016
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a person with mental capabilities about 0.1% the power of a halfwit.
"If I wasn't suck a fuckwit, I could do percentages and shit"
by Tolle Lege February 12, 2012
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Someone who thinks they're knowledgable in urban slang and contributes hundreds of shitty, worthless entries to urbandictionary.com.
"1. Figga
A fake ass Nigga
All this Figgaz wanna fuck with a real Nigga like me."

What the fuck is this shit, and who's the fuckwit that wrote it?
by SonOfSamus January 16, 2006
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Someone who despite constant failure, is unable to learn from these transgressions. Continues to do foolish and irritating things, which aggravate many people. They are not only a halfwit, but also significantly fucked in the head. Hence the term fuckwit.

Also can be associated with pathological liars, bullshit artists, and ass maggots.
DURR I AM TEH <random tards name here>!!, I EARRNS TEE 100K A YEAR!!!!! HURR HURR KEKEKE.
by Mr. Ed January 25, 2004
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A person of demonstrably low intelligence, as exemplified by actions, statements, or beliefs.
Thanks to that fuckwit in the oval office, my grandkids are going to spend generations paying down the bill for this war.
by adnama January 15, 2008
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A mean, selfish, insensitive, and otherwise uncaring prick.
That guy is such a fuckwit for missing the toilet and peeing all over the wall and seat.
by Julie June 3, 2004
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