a shady message to someone delivered not to their face but by indirect means. A sub. Common on Twitter.
Did you see the indirect X was firing on her Twitter?
by charliextc November 12, 2014
not directly. If broken down into its parts: in (not) direct (plain)
she did not say she loved him straight out, she was indirect
by Laurariea Jasmine Adairra November 11, 2006
Posting about a specific event with a specific person without disclosing who or what; sub-tweeting
“Did you see Zoey's finsta post?”
“Yeah omg she totally indirected you wtf
by quirkyem March 2, 2018
To say something to someone without including their name (although it is obvious)
person 1 'uno them girls suck dick everyday'
person 2 'looool why are you indirecting add my name u pussio'
by da one mandems textin January 14, 2018
An indecipherable coded language used to confuse and distract you from whatever is going on.
My cousin was able to hit me up for money again.

Doesn’t he still owe you money from the last time he borrowed money from you.

Yeah that’s what happens when you’re skilled in indirect talk you get got.
by Starving Artist246 October 6, 2021
Is the vague, unclear and often indecipherable coded language used to confuse or distract someone rather than being up front and direct.
I’m a direct talk person and I can’t deal with people use indirect talk.
by Starving Artist246 September 23, 2021
Is the vague and often indecipherable coded language some men think women use.
I told my girlfriend last night I’m fluent in indirect talk.
by Starving Artist September 23, 2021