A very creative person who is usually very introverted and quiet. They are very nice people and would do anything to help others. But if you get on their bad side, expect the silent treatment for a while, they don't usually hold on to grudges but when they do its for a while. They can be a boy or girl as well.
What's that girl/boys name that help the sad kid stop crying?
Oh that's Sidney, nicest kid in the grade!
by blankedout June 27, 2015
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A girl who is to die for. She’s so pretty, and will make you laugh any time, any day. She makes you feel comfortable, safe, and just someone you can talk to. She’s not the whole world, but she’s your whole world. If you know a Sidney, keep her close. Don’t hurt her, because she does have a dark side, and if anyone messes with her friends or her, she’ll basically make you pay. Big time. Sidney has a perfect body, makes you just dream about undressing her… Her looks are blinding. She’s so nice, and funny, and sweet, and caring. She’ll do anything to make anyone she loves happy. She’ll always put people first, instead of herself. She’s insecure, and has a rough life. But she hides it, and acts happy, so no one will worry. She’s so much more than I could say in this paragraph. But I love Sidney. If you know one, truly keep her by your side. Maybe you don’t see her that way now, but trust me you will.
Jamie: Who’s that?

Jason: that’s my girlfriend, Sidney.

Jamie: Dude she’s so pretty I’m jealous

Jason: yeah be jealous, she’s mine.

Sidney: oh shut up Jason. Jamie your prettier. Let’s go to class now.

Jamie: Alright see that Jason? She thinks I’m prettier, I might just faint!

Jason: I fainted when I first saw her. I love you Sidney.

Sidney: I love you too Jason.
by rsicheng_ January 25, 2022
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A fun caring guy who would love a girl unconditionally. He is musically talented and has a witty sense of humour. May seem quiet at first, but may not be the best person to entrust with secrets. Sidney is an awesome friend that is bound to make you smile and have lots of girls falling for him.
by aaaaannnon November 12, 2016
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A Sidney is almost always creative and is great with his hands. A dreamy soul with a hard working and unstoppable side when he gets focussed on what he actually wants to do.

Charismatic and good with both the ladies and men. Wants to be everyone’s friend and almost everyone loves him. Has a dark side bubbling through all that laughter but not many will see it.

Helpful, sweet and caring. Reflective and aware.

Most have ferocious appetites. Buy a deli!

Can absolute headmunt you. Will tell you one thing and do a completely different thing as he tries to please everyone.. if you wait for your turn as it will come, he’ll forget about everything else and be with you 200% & that’s what you love about him.

If you want flowers and romance though.. buy them yourself. On romance: you’d better tell him exactly what you want as he doesn’t hardly sit still working on his projects & doesn’t like to spend money.

Speaks from his heart. Sometimes things or people catch his interest and his mind is gone.. every plan, conversation is forgotten & it will drive you hell bent crazy! He’ll give away his tv to you, his ex wife and daughter all in the same day & then won’t know what to do.

Is musically bent and is pretty good on the guitar and a pleasant sexy sounding voice that has a good range. Awesome kisser and lover, very attentive.
Man he was such a Sidney! -Meaning he could fix anything.

You got Sidney’d! Ripped with a smile & joke as he walked out with your stuff.

Who’s that guy over there? The one laughing and smiling making everyone laugh and sweet talking the ladies?? He must be a Sidney. -
by Flower_pusher January 14, 2019
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The most amaizing girlfriend ever!!!!! There are so many things about this girl that make her THE BEST GIRLFRIEND EVER like how she manges to look past all the bad stuff you've done if you can promise her you won't do them anymore because she just wants the best for you because she cares and how she only cares about the person she's with and no matter what other people say she doesn't let that effect the relationship. It might be kind of hard to tell but the person she's with really is the person she cares about the most. And she's the kind of girl you don't wana let go of so when your holding her in your arms hold her tight because there's not many girls like her. She's beautiful, funny, smart, and sweet. It's easy to fall in love with a girl like her because she's perfect in every single way and she deserves the best so unless you can give that to her then don't waste her time. And when you tell her you love her you better mean it!!!!!
by 10-21-09 February 3, 2010
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Sidney is the nicest fucking person you will ever meet. Although she can be stubborn, and can take things more serious then needed, she’s the kindest person you know, by far. she’s got that biggest heart, and just wants people to listen instead of putting her opinion to the side. sidney has the lips of a fucking GOD. she has beautiful long brown hair, and green eyes. she may be insecure about herself at times, but everyone knows that she is an angel on earth. she keeps me sain, and loves to put people in their place. sidney will be your friend for years, and she’s hard to grasp hold of when it comes to love. but if you do somehow manage to get her to like/love you back, hold onto her. you can’t give up so easily if you want sidney in your life. keep her close. you’ll never find someone more special then her.
sidney is the only person who understands my problems.
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Sidney: *chugs half bottle of vodka*
Literally anyone: wow, Sidney's bad bitch
by stepthefuckupkyle September 26, 2019
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