a male bitch, someone who loves to get others in trouble to draw attention the to themselves.
Dude, quit being such a Mitch.

Don't be a Mitch and run tell Mom you caught me smoking
by Megan's Fiver June 9, 2010
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One of the coolest, if not the coolest human-created names to ever grace this planet. Almost every single person with this Godly-gift of a name has pure awesomness coursing through their blood.
John: Did you see that guy Mitch?
Bill: I sure as hell did, that guy is wicked awesome.
by Cheechy Chong October 11, 2008
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A person who makes very corny yet surprisingly clever jokes
wow your very mitch like
by monkeysomethingone April 27, 2009
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A super SEXY guy with a huge PENIS. The ladies love him.
wow...that dude is such a Mitch.
by abc easy as 123 March 22, 2009
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A male bitch, similar to an asshole.

He speaks his mind and is very sarcastic, but he continues to have a lot of friends.
"He got pissed and told me off! He's being such a Mitch today."
by Bromance1 October 16, 2013
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