Acknowledging to your friend that you understand what they are saying.
"The dance floor was just too slippery. Copy?"

by Snaplatts December 1, 2017
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Hear and comprehend, as in verbal communication. Radio slang used to determine the proper transfer of a message. Proper responses would run along the lines of "Roger." or "I copy."
"We've got to get this truckload of cow parts through the state border by dawn, copy?."
by ryon January 30, 2004
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the NY expression of i understand or i heard that and i intent to do something about it
friend#1: there's a party pop out
friend#2:copy gimmie like 2 minutes and imma pull up
by the ny explainer November 30, 2020
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to duplicate something
by moogy February 3, 2004
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To follow or imitate exactly.
Reproduction of an original.
Jacqueline loves to copy from other people's tests and homework.
by Pimpjooce September 4, 2006
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Print media jargon for a final draft that is ready for publication.
(Often used with an implicit article, like "head") Editor: "I need you to give copy by midnight. Or you can give head instead."
(Note that it is never "give a copy", or "get ahead".)
by Keith Ng August 24, 2004
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V. to mimic
N. an extra of something not human
V. I just cant stand my little brother!" little brother:" I just can't stand my little brother" SHUT UP" L/b: "SHUT UP"

N. I have an extra copy of this worksheet
by Insane February 3, 2004
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