Closeness in attraction and appeal of thought, emotion, or physical language of love in a relationship
Intimacy between a man and a woman who share a bond of attraction and feelings of love. Intimacy is the heartful or mindful seat of emotional, physical, and mental properties that are earnest and close to your heart acting towards another person for the sake of a relationship or expressing feelings of concern, respect, and ambiguity (the quality of being open to more than one interpretation). To listen to the rigorous ( extremely thorough, exhaustive, accurate) in them and excercise their spirituality with your spirituality in an optomistic, unbiased, caring way.
by sunflowermadness January 19, 2019
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Assuming that both parties are into it, intimacy is the one time when peeps like to have their personal space invaded.
by Downstrike May 19, 2005
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Jennifer: "I really want a boyfriend :///"
Isabella: "no want intimacy ;)"
by jizzica98 November 7, 2020
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Intimacy is:

When you pick up your boyfriend from the airport, drive to the top of the parking garage, and give him the best blow job he’s ever had. And swallow the biggest load ever. And don’t get a drop of cum on his clothes.
When you are driving home from the airport with your boyfriend, find a park, drive into the grass, get a pillow and blanket from your car, and allow and encourage him to perform oral sex in a way you have never before experienced. And have the biggest, wettest orgasm, ever.

When you let your boyfriend gently shave your pubic region for the first time in your life, and tenderly and lovingly rub oils into the area. Then make love. A new, freshly shaven pussy and oil make for a heavenly sexual experience.
When you sit on the bench of the shower while massaging your man’s balls and taking his penis in your mouth until he comes with a powerful explosion of semen.
When you wear a whipped cream teddy for your man’s eating pleasure. The comedy factor comes into this version of intimacy though, because to see his face and ears and hair covered with whipped cream is priceless.
When you go to a movie theater that has recliner seats and sit in the back row, put the arm rest between the seats up, and cuddle just as if you were home in bed watching TV. Of course, the zipper on your jeans can come down to make it easy for your man to make you come right there while watching Denzel Washington use his skills to eliminate the bad guys.
Intimacy is essential to good sexual health.
by momarae October 26, 2014
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An erection that comes to fruition when a partner shares those special three words.
Her: I love you.
Him: *gets a raging hard on*
Her: Did you just get hard?
Him: It's an Intimacy Boner. Look it up.
by Bae Poo 69 September 4, 2021
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We I read what you wrote it's like kissing the nape of your neck, wrapping our fingers together, seeing you though we are apart, in splendid virtual intimacy.
by Emily Christine May 17, 2007
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The hypothesis that the gender of the offspring of a couple is influenced not only by the jab or booster each party took, but also by the order in which the shots were taken.
A leaked out document from a Chinese lab that is investigating whether vaccine intimacy is pure nonsense or not reveals these alleged possibilities:
Pfizer + Moderna: Boy
Moderna + Pfizer: Girl
Sinovac + Pfizer: Twins
Sputnik + Sinovac + Sinopharm: Unknown
by Covido February 13, 2022
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