Ima is a super conjunction of I'm(a conjunction of I am) & Gonna .

Gonna comes from going to.
Break downs.
I am going to make eggs.
I am gonna make eggs.
I'm gonna make eggs
Ima make eggs.
by NautilusBlackmon November 27, 2018
A shortened version of 'i am going to/I am a.' It exists for two reasons and two reasons only....

1. Americans are too damn lazy to say a couple frickin words so they say 'ima' intead of 'i am going to/I am a' because it's only one word, as aposed to 3 or 4 words.

2. 'Ima' is a reallyyy fun word to say!!! Soooo much more fun to say than 'I am going to/I am a'!!!!!
1. Lazy American: I am too lazy to get up and get another chocolate bar so ima need your help, because ima lazy American.
Asian Guy: I am moving back to China.

2. Random Person: Yo, i'm gonna go hit up the movies. Who's comin'?
Bored Person: I am going to come.
Happy and Fun Person: Ima come!
by Crazy Katz June 17, 2010
Ima as a girl's name is of Old French and Old German Origin and the meaning of Ima is " entire universal " variant of Emma. She's very a very humble person. She loves music and a very funny person. She's pretty and gorgeous. BUT when it comes to love , she'll always pray for the best. She always keep everything by herself. Most guys keep chasing her because she's different.
- She's my " Ima "
- " Ima called you mine "
- Thats my bestfriend " Ima "
by valeriebloom December 27, 2016
An abreivation for I'm gonna
Dude, you should watch Markiplier! He's friends with Jacksepticeye and Pewdiepie!
Ok, Ima start watching him!
by TrixieMorningstar July 20, 2019
A song by Hikakin and Seikin, two YouTubers, written in 2018.
American man: Hey, what’s your favorite song?
Japanese man: Oh, it’s “Ima.”
by Yamato Yamamoto May 7, 2021
Ima done shoot you in yo face white boy if you dont get up on outa herre!!
by The Thing August 22, 2003