A verb used mainly in the rock climbing and freeride mountain biking world, send means to do something very difficult with style.
"You better put a stamp on this climb, cause im about to send it!"
"Dude, he sent that jump 30 ft. in the air!"
by Alex Kirkpatrick October 16, 2007
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Can be used in numerous ways, but mostly refers to the physical and mental act of getting high. Originally started with the rotation of a spliff, and moved on to rum, beer, and now the performance of any activity can be pre-fixed with "send_
Word has origin in bangalore, india.
Me : We sent 6 blunts yesterday
She : Stop sending them lies.

Me: Bitch dumped me today man
He : Fuck it man. Lets send some green.

Someone : Lets send the foot ball today,. Am in a good mood
by Blunter July 10, 2008
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An insane party, usually a rave, where extreme amounts of alcohol are consumed
Kyle *struggling to walk, stumbling*
Passerby: Are you good
Kyle, whispering: That Lil Baby release party went too hard man *collapses to the floor*
Passerby: Sounds like a send
by ehrliche bochur March 26, 2020
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to take in anything having to do with betrayal, gossiping about, or lying to a colleague. I learned this word the the mainland from my haole friends. its not Hawaiian slang like my other entries.
Dat bitch alwaying be sendin me n shit. she need tuh watch herself cause her ass gon git toh duh hell up if she so dis shit one more again.
by Aukina Alekanekelo Koma January 02, 2008
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The person requesting “send for send” will exchange his/her nudes for the recipients own
“Send for send?”
*nude exchange takes place”
by Please.Annabelle January 22, 2019
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Knowingly and willfully pursuing a high-risk course of action with reckless disregard for potential consequences.
Example 1:

Kilian: I just got my unemployment check, should I just invest it in Enron options?

Andy: Send it bro!

Example 2:

Blake: I want to leave a poop bag on Ms. Stendig's porch

Leigh: Hell yeah dude, SEND ITTTTTTT
by heybigsender December 04, 2019
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It means just do it, to say yes to something, don't think about it, have confidence and just Send It!
Jon: Wanna go out tonight?

Cole: Send it!

Nicky: Okay, down your beer!

Cole: Send It!
by est. 1991 October 24, 2011
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