No one hates it more then Poles.

Is the living proof that the church should never be involved in Politics.

Polish people are stubborn yet very friendly! Also no one cooks better than a Polish grandma. Not that you’ll ever the receipt. And everyone has that one uncle that makes the best alcohol drinks ever.

As of 2017 Poland has gone back to the Middle Ages. Any day now anyone from the LGBT community will be burned at the stakes, if you just want to loosen the laws regarding abortion you join them. Also if the economic laws keep on as they are before the virus kills them, their economy will be killed by the government.

That’s what you get when the TRUE ruler is a duck. A DUCK!
Someone: Wow this country is beautiful! Let’s move here!

Someone 2: NO. ITS POLAND !
LGBT representative: *burns alive* yeah maybe let’s no stay here!!!
by CR_ April 27, 2020
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The first country to defeat the Soviet Union in war. The country that defeated the Teutonic knights, ending German supremacy for hundreds of years. The occupied nation with the largest Nazi resistance movement in World War II. The first Eastern Bloc country to break free of communism. The second country in the world with a written constitution (after the U.S.), and the first in Europe.

Not to mention their rather extremely beautiful women.
I'm not Polish, but they've got one of the most interesting histories in the world.
by mtrisk July 22, 2005
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Poland is a central european country with recent questionable decisions
Hey man should we stop cutting down this forest in poland?
nO tHE WiLd BeETlEs aRe EAtiNg tHe tREeS
by I like to achoo February 15, 2019
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is literally the first place you can think of invading,
Himler: hey hitler?
Hitler: yes?
Himler: we raich but there are too many nations to invade, which one do we start from?
Hitler: obviously poland, BLITZKRIEG!
by AdolfHitlerVSPoland February 10, 2021
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An Eastern European country whose inhabitants, contrary to popular opinon, are NOT DUMB. Polish citizens, in fact, have won Nobel Peace Prizes in every category, and Polish scientists, philosophers, explorers, and mathematicians have made numerous beneficial contributions to their respective fields (ultraviolet light; the set theory; semantic language theory). Marie Curie (née Sklodowska), the esteemed chemist, was a Pole. Poland also, naturally, has the most attractive women.
Poland used to possess the most powerful army in Europe.
by N.B. November 2, 2003
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An imaginary country which doesn't exist
Person 1: Poland isn't a real country
Person2: It's true, Poland doesn't exist
by A real source February 17, 2021
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The punching bag of europe, place causing flag dyslexia and cannot into space
Person 1:-Which country can't into space?
Person 2:- Poland.
by cronyitvhes July 23, 2022
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